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Wearing a Sleeveless Dress in Winter

I have been stuck at home with some sort of respiratory sickness for the last couple days. I am also literally stuck while writing this, as it is currently snowing. The weather lately has made me slightly glad to be sick. I actually have an excuse to stay home and out of the cold! Gus and I shot this adorable outfit on Sunday before I came down with my sickness and captured downtown Salina. I wanted to share this look with you all showing a different way to maximize the use of some dresses in your closet!

Sleeveless dresses really aren't practical for the colder months, at least where I live, so finding out other ways to wear them are crucial, if you want to get good use out of those pieces. One way to wear them is with a jacket, which is especially cute if it matches! (see same dress with matching jacket here) Another way that I discovered this fall is to layer a long sleeve turtleneck underneath! With the right style of sleeveless dress, this looks adorable! I love this dress from Gal Meets Glam so much. It's super cute tweed material has just a slight shine to it and is so great for fall and winter! It is going out of stores and is only left in select sizes, so grab yours quick!

This turtleneck bodysuit from Free People was the perfect layering piece for this look! Being a bodysuit, it stayed in place all day. I didn't have to worry about adjusting it or pulling it down! There is a small keyhole in the back (you can still wear a bra) which adds an interesting twist to it. It was covered up by the back of my dress. The bodysuit, while a little sheer, fit well and true to size! I will get a lot of use out of it!

I have shared these Sam Edelman knee high boots from Nordstrom in the past in both black and beige, see here and here, and absolutely love them! They do have quite a tall heel (3 3/4") but they are pretty comfortable for quite some time and have been my favorite knee high boots for a while! Sadly, they are sold out, but I have linked them, as well as some similar options, above incase they are restocked.

For added warmth, I layered some sheer beige tights from Target underneath the dress. I always try to do this in the colder months.

I have also styled this A New Day crossbody bag from Target in the past, see here, and get so much use out of it! I love the contrast it has against the tans and blues of the tweed dress. It just pops! This bag is a decent size and has such pretty quilting detail on the front.

I also accessorized the look with this pretty and minimalistic gold knot bracelet from H&M. Both of these items are sold out, at least in these colors, so I have found some great options for you linked above!

My other accessories are literally my favorite items I own right now. I love this Kate Spade initial pendant necklace. It is so versatile! I love how it is personalized with my initial.. my own version of the Carrie necklace, I guess. On the back is engraved "One in a million", which is nice to keep close to my heart.

Barretts, and hair accessories in general, are huge right now! I had been seeing this pearl barrette all over Instagram and thought it was very much my style! It is a bit larger than my comfort zone allows, but I still think fashion should take you outside of your comfort zone a little. This barrette was a steal! I found it on Amazon in a 12 piece set for only $20!

I finished off my look with an oldie but a goodie lip kit from Kylie Cosmetics. This matte lip kit was one of the first that I purchased from the company and I so enjoy its almost grey/brown color.

More Pictures Below!



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