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Sustainable Brands List

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

*One of my favorite sustainable brands seen above, Son de Flor!

Check out the app Good On You to discover many more brands! This list will be forever growing as I find more brands to share with you all. I have included categories and price-points for all brands as well as a brief description.


  1. Reformation- (women's clothing, gowns, activewear, shoes) 100% carbon neutral company working to be climate positive by 2025. The best place for trendy and absolutely adorable clothing (regenerative wool and other conscious fabrics) and shoes (vegan leather). Price- $$$

  2. ABLE- (women's clothing, bags, shoes, jewellery) empowers and employs women. Cute and effortless clothing, shoes, accessories, and even home goods at affordable prices. Uses all-natural fibers, organic cotton, and erases waste by using even fabric scraps. Price- $$

  3. Molby the Label- (women's dresses, tees, accessories) independent, British, slow-fashion brand. Each item is made to order so there is no waste and can even be customized! Price- $$

  4. Alice Alexander- (women's clothing, accessories) size inclusive and super cute products are also made to order. Uses a medium proportion of eco-friendly materials including organic cotton. Limits the amount of chemicals, water, and wastewater used in production. Price- $$$

  5. Amour Vert- (women's clothing, loungewear, shoes, bags, accessories, jewellery) classic style similar to Rebecca Taylor but sustainable! Creates their own eco-friendly fabrics and uses compostable bags for packaging. For every tee you buy, a tree is planted! Price- $$

  6. Son de Flor- (women's clothing, accessories) Lithuanian company, all of their products are made from locally sourced linen, which is fully biodegradable. They don't use any plastic packaging and have such a unique, magical style! Price- $$

  7. Christy Dawn- (women's and kid's clothing, swimwear) sustainable from day one, this brand uses "deadstock" or repurposed fabrics for their products and have a classic and timeless aesthetic. Price- $$$

  8. Studio Jux- (women's, men's, and kid's clothing, outerwear, jewellery, home) focuses on affordable and quality pieces made from sustainable fabrics and even handmade ceramics. Comprable to Anthropologie. Price- $

  9. No Nasties- (women's and men's clothing, accessories) 100% organic fair trade cotton clothing. Casual and comfortable basics. Price- $$$

  10. Baukjen- (women's clothing, loungewear, underwear, accessories) offers a rental program, pre-loved items, as well as new products. Carbon negative as of 2020, works to plant trees, reduce water usage, uses 0 plastic in packaging, and promotes gender equality. Price- $$

  11. Eileen Fisher- (women's clothing, shoes, and accessories) gorgeous, classic styles built to last. Uses recycled fibers and regenerative wool, while using safe dyes that don't pollute water. Price- $$$

  12. Mate the Label- (men's, women's, and kid's activewear, loungewear, and pajamas) non-toxic, natural, and organic activewear and loungewear! A women created brand, they promote recycling their products if you no longer want them by taking them back and using the fabric again. Price- $$

  13. Lucy and Yak- (gender neutral clothing) independent, handmade, sustainable, and quirky styles with the cutest jumpsuits you'll ever see! Super size inclusive. 98% recycled or organic fabrics and non-toxic dyes. Price- $$

  14. Noctu- (men's, women's, and kid's pajamas, home) comfortable and sustainable organic cotton night clothes! My go-to for pajamas. Price- $$

  15. People Tree- (women's clothing, underwear, pajamas, activewear, socks, jewelry) perfect classic, feminine clothing and pajamas at an affordable price. Clear, 10 step environmental policy here. Price- $$

  16. Spell- (dresses/gowns) Australian bohemian style very similar to Free People or Anthropologie! Uses eco-friendly materials and responsible wool to limit the amount of chemicals, water, and wastewater used in production. Price- $$$

  17. Sotela- (outerwear, women's clothing, accessories) size inclusive brand with clothing that changes with you. Flexible up to 1-2 extra sizes to adapt to your life's changes like weight loss/gain or pregnancy. Items are all made to order. Price- $$$

  18. Tamaga Designs- (women's clothing, accessories, kids) cute and colorful styles that prove sustainable doesn't have to be boring. Has mommy and me styles. Carbon neutral fashion using sustainable fabrics, non-toxic dyes, and eco packaging. Price- $$

  19. Whimsy and Row- (women's clothing, swim, activewear, outerwear) boutique, classic style pieces with character and quality! Produces locally, uses low-impact fabrics like organic cotton, linen, and deadstock fabrics. Carbon neutral company. Price- $$

  20. Apparis- (outerwear, women's clothing, home, accessories, kids) a brand with style similar to Revolve. Known for their faux-fur, they are using other recycled fabrics, are 100% cruelty free, use small batch drops, and are constantly working to be more and more sustainable. Price-$$

  21. Vetta- (women's clothing) specializes in creating beautiful capsule wardrobes. Some pieces are even convertible into multiple styles, such as a dress into a top or a jacket into a vest. This allows you to get the most out of each piece! They focus on using eco-friendly fabrics like tencel, organic wool, and deadstock and ship in 100% recycled materials. Price- $$

  22. Kings of Indigo- (men's and women's clothing, denim) specializes in denim! These styles are classic, quality, and fairly priced for a good pair of jeans. They also have dresses and jumpsuits that are my favorite! They follow five pillars of sustainability which are: planet friendly materials, responsible production, clean transport, less water use, and waste conscious. Price- $$

  23. 4Kinship- (men's and women's clothing, vintage, home & self-care, jewelry) A Navajo owned sustainable artwear brand that produces one of a kind, restored, repurposed and lovingly upcycled, artisinal and small batch products. Price- $$$

  24. AFENDS- (men's, women's, and unisex clothing, accessories) a Byron Bay based fashion brand leading the way in organic hemp fashion. They use 100% sustainable fibres, reuse their remnant fabric to reduce waste, and create timeless and long-lasting designs. Price- $$

  25. All the Wild Roses- (women's clothing, vintage finds, gifts) gorgeous, feminine styles that are right up my alley! This Australian brand is certified B corp and uses upcycled fabrics, restores and repurposes vintage items, and makes pieces to order to limit waste. You can even customize your clothing item! Price- $$

  26. Altar- (women's clothing, swim, jewelry, gifts, apothecary, home goods) a wonderful and broad selection of sustainable goods hand made by artists in America! Their clothing is made using deadstock materials and serves sizes from Small-6XL. They also have limited stock to avoid waste. Price- $$

  27. Bastet Noir- (women's clothing, shoes, home, baby) no waste, woman owned, sustainable clothing. These stylish pieces are made from deadstock cotton and cashmere materials and have a modern, unique style. They seem fresh off the runway! A great place to shop for a special statement piece for a night out. Price- $$$

  28. Beaumont Organic- (women's clothing, shoes, home, self-care, baby) Perfectly classic staple pieces. This brand is striving to be transparent and even more sustainable with organic cotton as their focus. Their home goods are to die for and I am eyeing several dresses in their collection! Price- $$

  29. Beulah- (women's clothing, accessories, home) a luxury brand with beautiful, classic clothing. Their mission is to empower vulnerable and trafficked women through the business of fashion and helping to end slavery. They focus on natural fibers like organic wool and linen, which biodegrade much faster than other fabrics in a landfill. Price- $$$$

  30. Boyish- (women's clothing and consignment) California based denim brand centered on vintage silhouettes with a modern update. They use men's sustainable fabrics and tailor them to fit a woman's body. They make sure to use less harmful chemicals in the dyeing process and work exclusively with recycled fabrics and materials. Price- $$$

  31. CHNGE- (women's and men's clothing) Amazing, stylish, and affordable loungewear/streetwear! These sweats and tees are so cute and look very comfy while still current. Their tie dye sets are so cute. This brand's clothing is 100% carbon neutral and uses organic fabrics and recyclable packaging. Price- $

  32. Tonlé- (women's and gender inclusive clothing, accessories, home) A maker-led community that values inclusivity! They want to make fashion circular by using dead-stock (fabric scraps from other companies) to create their clothing. They have amazing clothing as well as beautiful wall hangings and jewelry! Price- $$

  33. Wolf and Badger - (women's and men's clothing, home, beauty) This shop sources all of its goods from ethical and independent designers, creating a wonderful collection of sustainable goods! They are sort of like a small and entirely sustainable Etsy. I absolutely love their stylish assortment of fashion! Price- $$ - $$$

  34. Dôen- (women's clothing, nursing and pregnancy, kids, footwear, home, accessories) Romantic and cottagecore style clothing made from natural and luxe fabrics that I am obsessed with! They are constantly working towards being fully sustainable. In 2022, they plan on launching a resale site where items from their previous collections can be resold and bought secondhand. Price- $$$

  35. Miann & Co.- (women's, children's, and baby clothing, bedding, decor, wellness) Easy, breezy styles for women and children made from 100% organic cotton at affordable prices! They not only have fashion, but bedding and great body oils/soaps and bath salts to help you relax! Price- $$

  36. Carolina K- (women's clothing, swimwear, footwear, accessories) This brand has a mission to create sustainably made products while supporting artisans across Latin America. They use sustainable fabrics, like organic cotton, to create absolutely gorgeous styles, all while empowering women! Price- $$$

  37. MADI Apparel- (women's, men's, and unisex clothing and underwear, home goods) This brand has easy, breezy basics that are the perfect loungewear for anyone! They also have amazing bamboo sheets and cruelty-free silk pillowcases. Their soy candles look great too! Price- $$

  38. Blue District- (women's and men's clothing, intimates, shoes, accessories, loungewear, swimwear, jewelry) A little bit of everything and super affordable! This brand is a go to for anything you need! This brand has a casual, almost H&M-esque vibe and price range, and uses recycled fabrics, natural dyes, and remains cruelty free. Price- $

  39. New Classics- (women's and unisex clothing, accessories, shoes, home, beauty, vintage) Also a little bit of everything, this platform is a source of incredibly current and stylish sustainable items. It covers everything from trendy fashion that would belong in any magazine to classic additions to any home to organic beauty for all ages. Price- ranges from $-$$$

  40. Fair Harbor- (men's and children's beachwear) This brand creates a great variety of men's swimwear from upcycled plastic water bottles! Their swim shorts (option to get moisture wicking liner or un-lined) are fast drying, come in many fun prints/colors, and are stretchy for ultimate comfort! Price- $

  41. Dreaming in Luna- (women's clothing) Romantic and tropical, this small collection from a new store founded in Hawaii includes some sustainable options and is adorable and affordable. Make sure to only shop the pieces with the SUSTAINABLE title. Price- $$

  42. Little Women Atlier- (women's clothing) Handmade dresses from Russia with a romantic and whimsical cottagecore style! These dresses can be customized and made into just about any color you want (31 different choices per dress!). Dresses are made using eco friendly linen and it is a slow fashion company! Price- $$

  43. Of Her Own Kind- (women's dresses) Romantic and feminine dresses that are crafted locally and in small batches from natural and organic fiber fabrics. These dresses are absolutely gorgeous and quality. Their garments are also hand packaged and shipped in 100% recyclable and plastic-free packaging. Price- $$

  44. Yes And- (women's and men's clothing, lounge, and sleepwear) Your one stop shop for women's and men's casual basics! Their clothes are super affordable while being GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified! Every purchase plants a tree and they are planning to be a Carbon Net Zero company by the end of this year! Price- $

  45. LA Relaxed- (women's and children's loungewear) Comfy and soft loungewear for women and kids made from sustainable (organic or recycled) fabrics. The cocoon hoodie is my favorite for lounging around the house! Everything is super affordable and made in the US. Price- $

  46. Woron- (women's undergarments, socks, loungewear, bodysuits) Organic wardrobe essentials ethically made with plant based fibers! Their lingerie is super cute and natural. Their pieces are the perfect base for any outfit! Price- $$

  47. Lively- (women's intimates, swim) This brand is starting to go eco! They have come out with a sustainable swim collection and are adding to their sustainable products. Make sure you shop in the sustainable section! Price- $

  48. Yuki Threads- (women's, men's, and unisex winter wear) For any of your outdoor winter wear needs to keep you warm while being sustainable! From cozy matching coats/pants, to socks, to fleece jackets, Yuki Threads has you covered. Price- $$

  49. Organic Basics- (women's and men's undergarments, clothing, loungewear, swimwear) This brand has everything you need to start a sustainable wardrobe. They have amazingly comfortable bras and underwear, denim, and even beanies and scarves! Price- $$

  50. Coco Malou- (women's lingerie) Ethical lingerie for those who care. This brand has GORGEOUS styles that are also flattering and made out of recycled materials! These pieces are perfect for valentines day coming up! Price- $$

  51. Copenhagen Cartel- (women's, men's, and children's swimwear, loungewear) Swimwear and loungewear made from recycled ocean plastics and recycled or organic cotton! This brand has adorable swimsuits for every body while helping to remove plastics from the ocean. Price- $$

  52. Kowtow Clothing- (women's, men's, and unisex clothing, accessories) Great, quality, classic pieces that are great bases for any outfit! This brand supports fair wages, no child labor, workers rights, gender equality & grower community. They use recycled nylon, organic cotton, and tencel to make their products! Price- $$

  53. A.BCH- (unisex clothing) Australian based company that focuses on basics for everyone! These pieces are cool and unique while remaining simple and classic. They are working towards a circular economy standard, which means designing out waste, keeping materials and products in use and regenerating natural systems. Price- $$

  54. Green Horse- (women's, men's, and children's clothing, swimwear, intimates, accessories, beauty/grooming, home) Australian company that has a little bit of everything! I love their simple and modern style and that they have a little bit of everything at a pretty affordable price. Price- $$

  55. Lois Hazel- (women's clothing) Another great Australian company that uses deadstock, organic, and traceable fabrics to create simple and easy styles. These pieces are the perfect wardrobe basics! Price-$$$

  56. Good Studios- (women's clothing and swim, hemp bedding) This brand uses hemp linen fabrics to create beautiful styles! Hemp is a super eco-friendly material and is very breathable. The plant is great because it is high yielding and retains water well. It also doesn't wear out the soil! More and more companies are putting this material to good use! Price- $$$

  57. Jume- (women's and unisex clothing) Australian company that creates lovely and summery looks from sustainable natural fabrics and plant dyes and donates 10% of their profits to First Nation run organizations to benefit Indigenous Australians. Price- $$

  58. Kuwaii- (women's clothing, footwear, accessories) Absolutely gorgeous and timeless styles made from sustainable fabrics such as Tencel, hemp, and organic cotton. These styles are meant to last and won't go out of style. I also love that they are very size inclusive, ranging from size AU6 to 22! Price- $$$

  59. Cotton Flower- (women's and men's clothing) If you can't tell from their name, Cotton Flower specializes in very bohemian, comfortable, and artsy styles. This clothing is made by women-owned and operated small businesses from gauze cotton and packaged in 100% recyclable packaging. Price- $

  60. Silk Laundry- (women's clothing, intimates, bridal, accessories) This company specialises in silk, which is a great renewable resource, is fully biodegradable, and uses less water, chemicals, and energy than other fabrics. They are trying to be more and more sustainable. Their pieces are luxe and made to last! Price- $$$

  61. Merri- (women's clothing, vintage, made to order, accessories) Beautiful, timeless, and feminine pieces that will make you swoon! They are inspired by 50's, 60's and 70's styles and are meant to be handed down from generation to generation. They use cotton, hemp, and linen fabrics to create these pieces. Price- $$$

  62. Soft Goat- (women's and men's knitwear, accessories) High quality, luxury knitwear made from ethical cashmere! All of their yarn is OEKO-TEX certified, which means it passes high requirements on harmful substances and human ecology. Check out their recycled cashmere collections for even more sustainable items. Price- $$$

  63. Seek Collective- (women's clothing, home, accessories) Small batch capsules created slowly through sustainable and ethical partnerships with artisans! These items are so beautiful and make great gifts for someone or even yourself! I especially love their embroidered pieces. Price-$$$

  64. United by Blue- (women's and men's outdoor apparel, accessories, living) My go-to store for gifts! I bought a TON of items for my family's Christmas gifts this year and everyone has loved their items. They are high quality and affordable while being sustainable and made by a certified B-corp company! Price- $-$$$

  65. The Knotty Ones- (knitwear, home, accessories) This company specializes in sustainably sourced knitwear and includes some pieces for home and accessories as well! Their knitwear is gorgeous and modern and will last years. With each purchase, a donation is made to help women in abusive relationships. Price- $$

  66. Nuhü- (unisex loungewear) A super stylish and fresh loungewear brand for all! I love their new spring styles and the fact that every fabric they use is either organic cotton or recycled cotton. They also use environmentally friendly dyes and 100% recycled or raw packaging materials! Price- $$$

  67. Free Label- (women's loungewear, activewear) Using unique and sustainable fabrics including bamboo, linen, organic cotton, tencel, and deadstock fabrics, these comfortable articles of clothing are perfect for a day lounging at home, a great workout, or running errands! Price- $$

  68. Linen Fox- (women's clothing and accessories) One of my favorite stores for easy breezy, sustainable style. These pieces are perfect for spring and summer and are all made from linen. They are great at using their fabric scraps to create scrunchies and other accessories, fabric samples, and mixed pattern items of clothing. They ship in eco friendly packaging! Price- $$

  69. Lena Klar Paris- (women's clothing and accessories) Gorgeous pieces made from deadstock fabrics from couture houses and recycled buttons. I am in love with their style! All pieces can also be customized if you need different measurements. Price- $$

  70. French Kiss Factory- (women's clothing) My first recommended Etsy shop! This brand creates made to order, beautiful pieces made from French textiles and deadstock from couture fashion houses. Price- ?

  71. Palm Collective- (women's clothing and accessories) Australian based brand that creates sustainable but super trendy styles at an affordable price! Reminds me so much of Vici Dolls! They use sustainable fabrics like rayon and linen and work with small family-owned manufacturing workshops. Price- $$

  72. ExtraAF- (women's and men's clothing) A cute and affordable brand that is sustainable AF! They use sustainable, natural, and recycled fabrics to create adorable styles. It makes me think of H&M a bit. Price- $$

  73. Pretty Kind- (women's clothing) Uses local and ethical manufacturing, recycled and 100% recyclable packaging, limited production runs, and responsible fabrics to create pretty and feminine styles. Price- $$

  74. Baue London- (women's clothing) Another Etsy store that has cute and unique styles! Every piece is hand made from recycled fabrics from London. Price- $$$

  75. Nour and the Merchant- (women's clothing) A magical, slow-fashion brand from Italy that makes each piece to order. No waste! These pieces are super special and great for photos! Be aware: this is a VERY slow fashion brand, so expect your pieces to take quite a while to arrive. Price- $$$

  76. For Days- (women's, men's and children's clothing, shoes, accessories) Creates 100% recyclable clothing, which means no added waste in landfills! Their clothing is perfect for everyday! They even have a Take Back Bag program. You buy a bag, fill it with old clothes from your closet, and send it back. The money you spent to buy the bag will then be reimbursed towards your next For Days circular fashion purchase! Each TBB saves: 197 lbs of CO2 emissions, 27K gallons of water, 25 lbs of clothing from landfills. Price- $$

  77. Sotela- (women's and children's clothing, accessories) The cutest styles for grownups and kids alike. Made from organic cotton materials, these clothes are perfect for everyday living. This brand is super body positive and inclusive. They also hand make every piece so there are no extras. Price- $$

  78. Paneros Clothing- (women's clothing, accessories) A new sustainable brand that has adorable clothing with a bohemian, boutique-like flair. They use all natural fibres certified by the Oeko Tex Standard 100. They work to create small batches of clothing and to reduce waste and pollution. Price- $$

  79. Mother of Pearl- (women's clothing, homeware) Gorgeously chic and modern styles that, while a little pricey will make great staple pieces that last you for years. They use sustainable materials and manufacturing and are always striving to be even better. Price- $$-$$$

  80. Loud Bodies- (women's clothing) One of my favorite brands! They have so many styles and specialize in a unique and magical look. Each piece is entirely customisable and fairly affordable! Their items are not wrapped in or tagged with plastic, they keep their scraps to create pillows for animal shelters, and they are all for body positivity! Price- $$

  81. Good Krama- (women's and unisex clothing, accessories) A carbon neutral company that uses upcycled fabrics to create everyday classics and statement pieces alike! They want to try to tackle the textile waste issue on this earth, support a living wage, and amplify textile craftsmanship. Price- $$

  82. ANNAMARIAANGELIKA- (women's and men's clothing, accessories) This German owned brand uses only natural materials and prefer to use Peruvian alpaca wool. They upcycle and save every scrap of material to reduce waste and work with Peruvian knitters who are excellent at their craft and are paid a fair living wage that they themselves determine. Price- $$-$$$

  83. Liz Alig- (women's clothing) Using recycled, sustainable, and/or handwoven fabrics for all of its items, this brand specializes in casual and everyday clothing. Every piece is adorable and a limited quantity are made. Their pieces are also super affordable! Price- $$

  84. WAWWA- (unisex clothing, accessories) A UK based brand that creates sustainable, casual fashion basics for anyone. Made using recycled and organic materials by fairly paid workers. Price- $$

  85. Plant Faced- (women's, men's, children's clothing and accessories) Specializing in great graphic tees, sweatshirts, etc., this brand makes small batches, ships in sustainable packaging, pays their workers fair wages, and creates GOTS certified clothing. Price- $

  86. Ilk and Ernie- (women's clothing) Amazingly cute and fashion forward sustainable brand that uses surplus fabric to create their garments! The go to for suits and sets and definitely one of my favorite finds! Price- $$

  87. Grandpa's Shirts- (women's clothing) Adorable upcycled pieces made from men's shirts! Created and run by a fashion student, this brand has a small selection of great ready to wear pieces and made to order looks! Price- $$

  88. Emma Mulholland on Holiday- (women's clothing, housewares, and accessories) An Australian brand full of fun 60's-esque prints and cute clothing sets that are perfect for summer! Using organic materials and sustainable practices, this is a great option for the warmer months! Price- $$

  89. Markt (vintage and designer clothing) The perfect secondhand store based in LA. Shop online for a great selection of designer and/or vintage pieces that are to die for! Secondhand is the best way to shop for the planet. Price- $$

  90. Left Edit- (women's clothing) A super small selection of the best basics! Their Vera dress is the perfect versatile piece and is made from sustainable materials like Cupro (Cupro is made from reclaimed cotton linter bio-utility waste, by converting it through a closed loop process. Cotton linters are the short fibers that stick to the cotton seeds -- and are typically wasted during cotton production.) This brand is trying their best to fight over-consumption and create pieces to last a lifetime. Price- $$

  91. Arielle- (women's, men's, and unisex clothing, swimwear, outerwear, accessories) Specializes in unisex coveralls that are so cute! They use many great sustainable fabrics including Milk Fabric (developed by German microbiologist Anke Domaske. Spoiled milk from German dairy farms is spun into a silky fiber, produced entirely without chemicals and with very little water. The finished fabric retains all of milk’s nutrients and natural proteins, making it antimicrobial, hypo-allergenic, temperature regulating and fully biodegradable.) When you want to retire a piece of their clothing, they accept it back to be recycled. Price- $$

  92. Nobody's Child- (women's clothing, nightwear, swimwear, accessories) Affordable and sustainable brand that uses lots of recycled materials! They are committed to promote circularity in the fashion industry and the reforestation of the planet. Price- $

  93. Gimme Kaya Crochet- (women's clothing, accessories) UK based brand featured in many fashion magazines including Vogue and Elle, that creates happy and hand-made pieces. A small, woman owned business! These pieces are made to order and super unique. Price- $$

  94. Psychic Outlaw- (women's, men's, children's, and pet's clothing, accessories) One of my all time favorites and a brand I frequently buy from, this company uses recycled materials like quilts, blankets, bandanas, etc. to create unique and one-of-a-kind, custom pieces! You can buy from their Ready to Wear, or choose from their constantly updated selection of recycled fabrics to custom make your piece. You can even add on pet jackets, corsets, and more from the scraps of your quilt! Price- $$-$$$

  95. Pana Mina- (women's clothing, home) The perfect casual wear that is right up my alley! Their pieces are meant to be worn again and again. They work with so many different accessories and would be great dressed up or down. Their pieces are primarily made from deadstock and also plant-based materials, they have super inclusive sizing, and make sure their workers are well taken care of. Price- $$

  96. Ivy Marie- (women's loungewear, accessories) A small store with unique and quality loungewear pieces! Their signature collection includes a waffle knit jumpsuit robe and romper robe (made from 100% organic cotton) that are perfect for a day at home, on the beach, or running errands! Price- $$

  97. Gravel & Gold- (women's clothing, outerwear, accessories, jewelry, home, beauty) This casual and modern brand has a little bit of everything! Based in San Francisco, Gravel & Gold uses local workers and all natural materials. Price- $$-$$$

  98. Pyne & Smith- (women's clothing, accessories) Timeless, ethically made linen pieces that will last you a lifetime. This California brand is a small batch business that uses flax linen (low water, biodegradable, hypoallergenic, and breathable). I love their effortless style and cute prints! Price- $$

  99. Mocha- (women's clothing, home, beauty, accessories) Lovers of vintage and slow fashion, this brand mixes them both! With some old pieces and new creations, their goal is to help us all be more thoughtful with our purchases. All orders are shipped plastic free in organic cotton mesh bags & eco-friendly kraft mailers or boxes seeled with paper tape. Our shipping labels are biodegradable. The goal is to create pieces that are low impact from start to finish. Price- $-$$

  100. Pouli the Label- (women's clothing, accessories, home) Elevated staples to compliment every wardrobe. Consciously made to order in England, these pieces are versatile and smart. They are shipped in compostable and recycled packaging and made from sustainable fabrics and trimmings. Price- $$

  101. Mille Collines- (women's clothing, accessories) Small batch, gorgeous, African-made pieces. Located in Rwanda, this brand focuses on pieces that capture the beauty of African culture and craftsmanship that will last you a lifetime. Price- $$

  102. The R Collective- (women's clothing, accessories) Modern and sleek, this brand rescues fabric waste from going to the landfills (238,000 yards of fabric and 8,100 square feet of leather). Compared with other brands using virgin fabrics, this brand saves 98% of emissions and 100% of water. They also use fully recyclable packaging. Price- $$

  103. E.L.V. Denim- (women's and men's clothing, accessories) Pricey but amazing selection of stylish denim pieces for women or men! Their denim is upcycled from post-consumer waste denim which takes their water consumption down from 10k liters per pair (non-sustainable brands and equal to the amount of water one person drinks in 13 years..) to 7. Price- $$$

  104. Bohéme- (women's clothing) Canadian slow fashion brand that uses sustainable materials to make timeless pieces in small batches. Price- $$$

  105. Peony- (women's swimwear, resortwear, accessories) Australian brand with beautiful swimwear and matching coverup pieces (ala We Wore What)! Their main fabric for their suits is called Repreve. It is made from 100% recycled plastic water bottles! Their other fabrics are natural and organic, and their packaging is compostable. Price- $$


  1. Giarité- (bags) Designer style bags at a super affordable price! These bags are so stylish and I am obsessed. This brand uses cruelty free materials and is working to be totally sustainable! Price- $$

  2. Parker Clay- (bags) Sustainable leather bags for both men and women that are super sturdy and stylish! This brand empowers women in Ethiopia by teaching them a trade, how to be independent and lead, and by paying them a living wage. I love brands with a purpose! These leather bags are versatile, quality, and affordable. Price- $$

  3. Maika- (bags) Eco-friendly canvas and vegan leather bags perfect for work or travel! The recycled canvas comes in so many fun colors and prints and is a great gift! They are also super affordable and great quality. Price- $$

  4. Matt & Nat- (handbags, shoes, accessories) This brand uses high quality vegan, cruelty free, and recycled materials to create amazing bags including luggage, totes, wallets, etc. as well as outerwear, shoes, and a huge list of accessories! This brand is a must! Price- $$

  5. Aevor- (bags, apparel) German company that uses recycled and PFC free materials to create their backpacks Their apparel uses 100% recycled cotton. They are committed to reducing waste, emissions, water use, and to creating a great work environment. Their bags, as well as apparel, are great for sport/casual wear! Price- $$

  6. Parker Clay- (women's and men's bags) This brand is certified B-corp and uses sustainable eco leather for their bags! This leather is locally sourced from animals used for food, tanned using a process that recycles water and uses no harmful chemicals. They employ local women from Addis Ababa, many of whom have been impacted by human trafficking and the sex trade. These bags are gorgeous and are made to last a long time! Price- $$

  7. Laflore Paris- (bags) These amazing bags are made from cork leather which is 100% sustainable, vegan, and cruelty free! They specialize in a three-in-one convertible backpack (I had to get one for myself and love it!) They come in three different colors (black, brown, and teal) and have cute accessories to boot! Price- $$$

  8. Lo and Sons- (bags, luggage) An Asian-American owned company that has created stylish and affordable travel bags. They are constantly working towards 100% of their products being sustainable and are at about 75% currently. Check out their recycled poly and/or their organic canvas collections for sustainable options! Price- $$

  9. Day Owl- (everyday essentials- bags, water bottles, food storage) These bags are incredible! They are made from 100% recycled post-consumer plastic bottles, plus 100% recycled polyester lining and trim, algae based foam, water repellant neoprene, and conflict-free metal YKK zippers. Their products are also super cute and very affordable! Price- $

  10. Able (bags, women's and men's clothing and shoes, jewelry) This brand uses the byproduct of the meat industry, which is normally discarded, to create their leather. This uses less water than even vegan leather and are working to create a plant based leather as well! Their products are great quality. and affordable! Price- $$

  11. Marloe- (bags, hair accessories) I love this brand! They sustainably create made-to-order, small batch bags from deadstock leather (meaning leftovers from other brands). They use every part of the leather, creating small hair accessories and other small leather goods from any extras. Price- $$

  12. Wicker Wings- (bags, small accessories) This brand works to give female artisans freedom and a better livelihood. These bags are created from natural rattan, harvested and replanted by hand, thus creating a circular and sustainable supply. These bags are absolutely gorgeous and perfect for summer! Price- $$

  13. Bottletop- (bags, accessories, jewelry) The coolest idea for recycled materials! All of this brand's products are created using up-cycled metal tabs from pop cans! It creates this neat mesh/chainmail texture for a cool, fashion forward accessory. Price- $$

  14. Roop- (bags, scrunchies, scarves, bridal, etc) This brand uses recycled fabrics to create unique, trendy, and fun bags and accessories! I am super excited about their water bottle carriers that make it super easy to transport a reusable water bottle hands free! Their bags and scrunchies are also super cute, and very affordable! Price- $

  15. Kayu- (bags, home, accessories) This brand sources and upcycles natural and organic materials to hand-craft beautiful straw bags, hats, hair accessories, shoes, and home decor. They strive to be zero waste and create small accessories with their scraps or donate extras. Price- $$

  16. Nannacay- (bags, accessories) Absolutely gorgeous bags and a large range of accessories. Some are more affordable than others but all are definitely a splurge. This brand works with artisans in Peru who hand make these products from natural materials. Price- $$$

  17. Baggu- (bags, accessories, home goods, travel) Specialising in reusable shopping bags, this brand is great for your everyday needs! All of their pieces are made using recycled/repurposed nylon and designed to last. Much better for the environment than plastic containers and bags and single use storage! Price- $

  18. Ecosusi- (bags, shoes, sleepwear, accessories) This adorable cottage-core and vintage style brand is committed to using all vegan materials to create their products. They are a female led brand and are always trying to improve their brand to be more sustainable. All items are hand-made by fair wage employees. Price- $$

  19. Angela Roi- (bags, accessories) Amazing classic style bags that elevate any look! These bags are not only sustainable, but surprisingly affordable for the quality! I want to add one of everything to my collection. They use biodegradable packaging, compostable tags, and plant based vegan leather! Price- $$

  20. Pixie Mood- (bags, accessories) This brand has an amazing list of sustainable materials that they use to make their beautiful and super affordable products. They have a huge selection of a bunch of different style bags and accessories that are perfect for any look. Price- $

  21. Gunas New York- (bags, shoes, beauty) A 100% vegan brand, Gunas NY doesn't use any animal byproducts, leather, silk, wool, bone, etc in their products. It is a responsible source for luxury handbags. They try to reduce waste in production and use the smallest amount of packaging possible with a goal of getting rid of any plastic packaging by 2030. Price- $$$

  22. AAKS- (bags) Gorgeous and unique pieces of art, hand-woven in Ghana by fair-wage workers, from raffia grass. This brand incorporates sustainability in everything they do, from their studio lighting to their recycled packaging. These bags are definitely worth checking out! Price- $$$

Fair Trade/One-Stop

  1. Aware...the social design project- (women's and children's clothing, jewelry, toys, home, etc.) This store has everything fair trade. From cute earrings to self care items to plant hangers, you can find great gifts for yourself and for others! Price- $$

  2. Made Trade- (home goods, furniture, women's, men's and children's clothing, shoes, and accessories) A one-stop shop for any ethically made products that you need! A woman-owned, family run business, Made Trade compiles brands through a rigorous criteria process. In order to make it on the website, the brand must fit at least two of their categories: fair trade, handmade, made in the USA, BIPOC owned, sustainable materials, recycled/upcycled, vegan, and/or women owned. Price- $-$$$

  3. Consciously- (clothing, jewelry, handbags, shoes, home goods) Another one-stop shop for anything you need! Their home goods make for perfect gifts and their large selection of items from a ton of different sustainable brands include fairtrade, vegan, hand-made, womxn or bipoc owned, and many more! Price- $-$$$


  1. Vivaia- (women's and men's shoes, clothing, bags) The first sustainable shoe brand I have worked with! These shoes are not only super comfortable, but very sustainable. Each pair is made from 6 recycled plastic water bottles and comes in a ton of color ways. Many of their shoes are machine washable! They also ship in 100% recyclable packaging. Price- $$

  2. Cariuma- (women's and men's shoes) Sustainable and timeless sneakers that come in a variety of fun styles and colors! They use all natural materials like 100% organic cotton, bamboo, and sugarcane, among others to produce their products. They are constantly working to make more of their products 100% vegan. Price- $$

  3. Bhava- (women's shoes) Gorgeous footwear with both classic and trendy styles that have you covered for anything! While a bit pricey, these shoes are made of high quality, sustainable materials (like cork and vegan leather) that are made to last. Price- $$$

  4. Veerah- (women's shoes) Absolutely stunning and versatile sustainable footwear! These shoes are made to last and accessories (clip brooches, tassels, straps, and insoles) can be purchased and paired along with the shoes to make multiple styles so you can get the most out of one pair! Price- $$$

  5. Huntd- (women's shoes) Huntd sets out to redefine the 'vegan fashion' industry by providing, well designed, on trend, ethically made, environmentally friendly and good quality footwear. Run by sustainable blogger, Nadhisha Perera (@huntd), this brand hopes to expand into apparel in the near future and continue to create footwear, one style at a time. Price- $$

  6. Alohas- (women's and men's vegan shoes, women's clothing, accessories) This brand has incredibly stylish vegan shoe options! While they are still working on getting their entire selection to be sustainable, their vegan section is easy to find. They do use sustainable leathers, non-toxic dyes, and try to prevent overproduction by creating less stock. Price- $$

  7. Feners- (women's shoes) Amazingly stylish and current (but classic), Feners' shoes are the perfect addition to your closet and will last you a long time. Be sure to shop only from their vegan section, as not all of their shoes are made from sustainable materials. All of their shoes are handmade with no harmful chemicals. Price- $$

  8. Suavs- (women's and men's shoes) Vegan friendly and using threads made from 100% recycled plastics, this brand creates sustainable, lightweight, breathable, and stylish shoes for all! I love their slides as well and that they come in a compact, reusable shoe box. Price- $$

  9. Bird of Flight- (women's shoes) These casual and well-made styles are perfect for any look. This brand aims to use sustainable practices in every process. They try to use as little plastic as possible and make their products in small, family-owned factories where their craftspeople are paid fair and livable wages. Price- $$

  10. Sylven New York- (women's shoes) This brand uses vegan and unique, plant-based materials out of Italy to create beautiful and timeless shoe styles. While a splurge, these shoes will go with any outfit and last a long time. Price- $$$

  11. Løci- (women's and men's sneakers) The coolest sneakers in a ton of different styles and color ways! Hand made with cork insoles, uppers made from recycled ocean plastics, bamboo lining, and recycled brass, this brand has a goal to be a zero footprint company! Price- $$

  12. Cariuma- (women's and men's shoes) This brand reminds me of Keds! They have super cute styles in plenty of colors. Their affordable shoes are made from natural rubber, a vegan cork insole, organic cotton, and recycled plastics. Price- $$

  13. Kat Menden Hall Boots- (women's and men's boots, belts) If you need a new pair of cowboy boots, this place is for you! Each pair is made to order and can be customized. They are made from a vegan, non-leather material. Price- $$$

  14. Nisolo- (women's and men's shoes, bags) A certified B Corp brand that is straightforward with their sustainability. Their shoes and accessories are comfortable, classic, and versatile. Available in a variety of color ways, these pieces are perfect staples! Price- $$

  15. Eco Vegan Shoes- (women's and men's shoes, insoles, bags) This brand prides itself in being fully vegan! Their shoes do not contain any materials made from animals and will last a lifetime! I love their classic style. They even have hiking and safety shoes! Price- $$

  16. Della Terra- (women's shoes) Fashion forward, vegan footwear! This brand is all about inclusivity, aiming to make their footwear accessible to all. They use eco-friendly materials and try to reduce water waste! Price- $$


  1. Boll and Branch- (bed, bath) All of your basic bed and bath needs but sustainable! This brand even has their own super comfy foam-free mattress. They use 100% organic cotton and are also the first Fair Trade Certified manufacturers of linen. Price- $$$

  2. Ettitude- (bed, bath, baby, sleepwear) 100% bamboo bedding, bath, and sleep essentials! This brand uses upcycled plastic water bottles for their filling in their comforters and packages their products in resealable packaging, so it can be reused. Price- $$

  3. Wolf Ceramics- (home) Handmade ceramics made in Portland, Oregon, these absolutely gorgeous and modern style ceramic pieces are perfect for any home! These amazing bowls, plates, vases, etc. make great gifts! Price- $$

  4. Mohop- (home, pets, shoes, accessories) This is a super fun brand that creates very unique pieces! I especially love their selection of customizable dog collars. They are 100% vegan and source sustainably. Price- $$

  5. Bed Threads- (bed, bath, table, sleepwear, home) Amazingly luxe and beautiful bedding made from 100% flax linen! This material is sustainable, breathable, and contains no yucky chemicals. This business is totally carbon neutral and uses plastic free packaging. Price- $$$

  6. Salter House- (home, utility, bath, women's and children's clothing, art) Salter House is a family owned and operated shop for sustainably made housewares and clothing. Salter House is an expression of our domestic life; a place to nurture and explore the domestic space through the decorative and useful objects that inhabit it. Price- $$

  7. Bearaby- (weighted blankets) Sustainably made, hand knit blankets for all made from natural eucalyptus Tencel Lyocell, organic cotton, or eco-velvet, depending on your needs! It also comes in plenty of different colors and weights. Price- $$


  1. SPELA Cosmetics- (nail polishes and lipsticks) These vegan, cruelty free, and non-toxic nail polishes and lipsticks are not only gorgeous, they are made from ingredients that are also non-toxic to the environment! Price- $

  2. Blendily- (bath, body, hair, face, aromatherapy, etc) This woman-led company specializes in hand-made, zero-waste, and organic beauty products! They have everything from aromatherapy to shampoo! Price- $

  3. Summer Fridays (skincare) Vegan and cruelty-free, this amazing brand comes in recyclable packaging and is so good for your skin! Their highlighted product is their jet lag mask that revives tired, dry skin. Price- $$

  4. Kjaer Weis- (makeup) With refillable, recyclable, and recycled material packaging, this makeup brand aims to create less waste while creating organic ingredient, beautiful makeup products. Price- $

  5. Solidu Cosmetics- (shampoo, conditioner, beard oils, body, and more) Beauty products made without water or plastic containers. It comes in compostable packaging. Price- $


  1. Thirty One Bits- (jewelry) Woman owned and staffed company that gives Ugandan women a platform to sell their hand-made jewelry! Their metals are responsibly sourced and the money goes towards helping women! What can be better than that? Also, did I mention that the jewelry is absolutely gorgeous? Price- $$

  2. Kara Yoo- (jewelry) Reasonably priced, beautiful, and sustainable jewelry from a woman-owned company! These hand-crafted styles are modern and perfect for any style! Price- $$

  3. Feather & Hay- (scarves/shawls) Hand woven using traditional patterns, these are gorgeous pieces from a Scottish small business created from sustainable and ethical alpaca and sheep wool yarn. Price- $$

  4. Idyl- (jewelry) Modular diamond jewelry made from sustainable materials and fairly priced. Their modular jewelry can be made into many different styles to fit every look so you can get the most out of your piece! Price- $$$

  5. Aurate New York- (jewelry) Made from recycled gold, ethically sourced diamonds, and sustainably sourced pearls, this jewelry is high quality and very beautiful. If you are looking for a nice gift for a loved one or yourself, or an engagement ring, this is the place to go! It is pricey, but very worth it. Price- $$$-$$$$

  6. Monica Vinader- (jewelry) Uses recycled gold and silver, gold vermeil, and sustainable pearls and gems, this brand has been voted Best Sustainable Luxury Jewelry Brand by Marie Claire! Price- $$$

  7. VRAI- (jewelry) THE place to get your engagement ring, this luxury brand has anything you need for her or him. Their diamonds are sustainably created in foundries that are powered 100% by renewable energy. They are also the world's first zero emission diamond creators. Price- $$$-$$$$

  8. Ana Luisa- (jewelry) Affordable and sustainable, the best combination! These pieces are classic, beautiful, and quality but without the huge price. This company became carbon neutral in 2020 and are always striving to be even better for the planet. Jewelry produced in small batches. Price- $$

  9. She Glows Jewels- (jewelry) One of my favorite discoveries when I started researching sustainable brands! This jewelry is romantic and dreamy and perfect for any activity, whether that is a night out or a day at the office. It is also super affordable and sustainable! Price- $$

  10. Purpose Jewelry- (jewelry, candles, lip smoothies) An affordable brand that creates beautiful pieces and empowers women escaping human trafficking to embrace their true identity and worth. Each piece is sustainably hand crafted by these women who recieve fair wages, education, healthcare, and community through their non-profit organization, International Sanctuary. Price- $

  11. Keane Jewellers- (jewelry, hair, home) Handmade to order from borosilicate glass, these pieces are literal art and will last a lifetime. In tons of fun colors and patterns, you're sure to find something for yourself or someone else! Price- $$


  1. Sticks and Sparrow- (women's and men's sunglasses/blue light glasses) stylish eyewear made from sustainable materials such as bamboo, wood, and cork. They use plant based acetate for their front frames and incorporate hand pressed native (Australian) flowers and foliage into some frames. Price- $$

  2. Proof Eyewear- (women's and men's sunglasses/blue light glasses/Rx glasses) small family sawmill in Idaho that creates consumer product that gives back. Their glasses are made from sustainably-sourced wood, biodegradable cotton-based acetate and recycled aluminum. These glasses are stylish and affordable and come in a variety of styles and colors/patterns! Price- $


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