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My New Winter Favorites from Sustainable Shoe Brand, Vivaia!

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Winter is my favorite time of year because I can wear layers, jewel tones, and boots! Since my switch in November to wholly buying sustainable fashion, I have especially turned to Vivaia for my winter shoe needs! They are one of my favorite sustainable brands and, besides shoes, have also added amazing bags and fashion basics!

About Vivaia

Vivaia's mission is to create stylish, sustainable, and fashion-forward footwear made from quality and eco-friendly materials such as wool, vegan leather, and plastic water bottles collected from the world's oceans! Their insoles are crafted from natural herbal and PU foam and are moisture wicking for breathable and clean footwear.

I also love that all of their packaging is 100% recycled! They try to limit the artificial colors in their packaging to avoid extra waste.

They also promote a positive work space by prioritizing their workers physical and mental health and safety. They try to use renewable energy in their factories and turn off unnecessary lighting throughout the day.

The Shoes

I am so excited about my picks from this collaboration! I chose the Isabel Square Toed Wool Ankle Boots in Cream Ivory and the Titli Pointy Bow Heels in Deep Ebony. These heels are both classic and perfect for winter/the holiday season! Each comes in three colors (beige/cream, light grey, and black) and pair well with any outfit! The fabric used in both of these shoes is very flexible and soft, so it hugs the foot, providing support while remaining extremely comfortable!

The Isabel Boots work well dressed up or down. They are so cute with a winter dress and tights but would also look great with a simple jeans and sweater look! (Check out the pictures below to see how I styled them!)

I am so excited about the Titli Bow heels as well! I wanted a classic holiday style that would transition well into any season, and these fit the bill! The bow detail is to die for and when styling them, I really played with it! I love that they can elevate any look without sacrificing comfort. They have a low heel that gives just enough height and still remaining something you can wear all day. (Check out the pictures below to see my New Years/holiday inspired dressy outfit with these heels!)


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