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Transforming a Space Using Small Decorations

(How I gave my basement a face-lift!)

I feel like everyone always has that one room in their house that they put off decorating, that they are uninspired by, or that they just don't have time to deal with. My basement has been that space for the three years that Gus and I have been living in this house! We furnished the upstairs and put all of our old and eclectic furniture from our last house down in the basement. The style didn't match the house but we needed something in that space. Our basement is for storage, where I do my workouts, and where we do crafts/play video games, so we do use it quite a bit. However, I found it hard to decorate the space since I was the only one to see it and I just didn't make the time. How I wish I would have done this sooner!


While this didn't look bad, it was just very sparse. It didn't have any hint of who lives here or our personalities! This was just function over expression. Most of this furniture and decor came with us from our previous house and was in our attic there.

When looking at this space as I was starting to find decorations, I noticed certain colors that kept reoccurring by accident in our wall hangings and other aspects of the space!

One of the coolest things about our house is this small, stained glass window in the basement that is from the original farmstead. It has little splashes of blue and orange color! I noticed that some artwork that we had on the walls also had a lot of orange and blues, so I decided to embrace that in my decorations.


While it's not an extreme change, adding a few small decorations to the space made it feel totally different! I added different orange and blue throw pillows, a beige throw, a couple plants, and a cute pouf ottoman.

I truly believe in the power of adding a plant or two to a space. Real or fake, adding some greenery can totally upgrade any space.

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