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KC Apartment- Primary Bedroom

It's been a bit since I've shared another room in our beloved city escape! We have had some problems finding a contractor to take on all of our renovations but things are moving again! We are on track for starting renovations hopefully next month, so I thought I would continue sharing rooms. This is after being mostly decorated but not renovated, so I will share again when it's all done!


The primary bedroom is one of my favorite spaces. It has a unique shape, is a fairly large size, and has that amazing view! (You'll see a lot more of our view when I share the living space!) It has a huge bathroom/closet and laundry space that, again, I will wait to share until after renovations. That area will definitely see the most change! For this room, I wanted to embrace a more neutral color palette to make the space super calming. We are keeping the same layout as the previous owner as it made the most sense with the space.


I wanted the overall feel of the apartment to be mid century modern mixed with bohemian for a more lived-in and cozy feel. To accomplish this, I wanted to mix natural materials along with this beautiful mid-century furniture. For the bohemian side, I added decor such as this beautiful rug from Target, the woven baskets and wall hangings, and lots of green plants. I will also be adding a grasscloth wallpaper for some texture similar to the baskets. Besides the furniture, the mid century touches will be found in the light fixtures and the artwork (which we plan to slowly curate). Some of the artwork throughout the house currently are pictures that Gus and I have taken from places dear to our hearts; landscapes from Kansas (and KC) and our adventures in Colorado.


As I said earlier, we are hoping to start renovations soon. Though the majority of our renovations are in our bathrooms, we will be making some small aesthetic changes to each room.

- The blue wall will be replaced with a grasscloth wallpaper accent wall to add to the bohemian feel. I haven't made a final decision yet on which wallpaper but it will be similar to this or this!

- The other walls will be painted white and the current shelves by my vanity will be taken down. We might put some new ones up eventually but haven't decided yet.

- The black light fixture (which will be left alone in the guest bedroom) will be replaced with a mid century brass chandelier similar to the one seen here. I can't remember what the exact one looks like but this is close!

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