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KC Apartment- Guest Room

I am so excited to be sharing the improvements so far of my favorite place! Our apartment in Kansas City has been such an amazing city escape so far. We have so enjoyed getting to know the area even better and look forward to many, many years more! I have been obsessed with apartment living ever since college, when I got to live in a guest apartment above my in-law's restaurant for two summers and loved every minute of it. So, when I saw this place that reminded me so much of that apartment, I was hooked.

Because of Covid and the worker shortage, we have yet to find a contractor for some renovations and painting, so I will be sharing just what we have done ourselves thus far and explain the changes that will be happening in each room as we go!


The guest bedroom is a decent size and is a nice, blank canvas to work with! It was nicely decorated by the previous owner, though a bit sparse, so I wanted to make the space seem more cozy and inviting! It has its own small walk-in closet and a bathroom with a shower which you can see in the second picture a bit. I will be waiting to share the bathrooms until after we have them worked on by a contractor. They will have the biggest change of the whole space as we plan on totally redoing them both.


For this room, I decided to stick with a natural black, white, and beige theme based off of this great rug from Target that I found! I knew for the overall style of the apartment, I was going for my favorite combination of styles, mid-century modern and bohemian. Mid-century styles are straight lines and super cool and bohemian touches make them feel more cozy! I found so many amazing mid-century pieces, like the bed and the dresser, from West Elm, along with the brass nightstands that I used for accent pieces and to bring some femininity to the space! We are obviously missing some wall art, but we want to take our time finding unique pieces that appeal to us and our story.


It is absolutely amazing what just adding furniture and decor can do to a space! However, there are a couple things we want to add when we find a contractor to make this space even better:

-After seeing the space with its current decor, I decided to leave the current light fixture in place. I feel it fits the mid-century aesthetic and the color scheme perfectly!

-We will be adding a fun accent wall behind the bed with this great wallpaper from Magnolia Home. We have it in navy in our current house as well! The rest of the walls will get a fresh coat of white paint.

-We will probably be changing the door handles to brass.

That's it! This space already feels complete and I am so happy with it!

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