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This Season's Everyday Look

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

For Gus and me, this time of year (late spring/early summer) is extremely busy. It is possibly my busiest time of the whole year. With school ending and summer beginning, there are usually a ton of music gigs and family events (graduations, birthdays). It can be really stressful and overwhelming sometimes, but one of the ways that I stay sane is to spend some time outside/ time working out. With this look, I wore all black since I had to go straight to the pit orchestra for our first legit performance of Disney's Newsies. I just took off my hat and popped on a sweatshirt since it is always freezing cold in the theatre! One of the best things about being a pit musician is that you can basically wear anything you want, as long as it's dark.

This Nike tank top is probably my favorite work out shirt. It is just so flattering for my body shape and shows off my shoulders! While better for cooler days or indoor workouts, black is very slimming and always looks so cool, imo. I have had this top for quite some time, so I couldn't find the exact one, but I have linked very similar options above!

Before I started my blog and when I don't feel like dressing up, I live in these leggings from Victoria Sport. They have such great leggings! They are super comfortable, flattering, and opaque. I also love that this cut has pockets! Since I am on the shorter side, (5'4 1/2") I always go for the 7/8 length tights and, as you can see, that length is even a little long on me.

Last fall, a huge color trend was burgundy, so I have had this pair of pretty affordable Adidas tennis shoes since then and absolutely love them! They are super light and form well to my feet. Also, the laces are pretty neat! They are pretty long so you have to knot them up quite a bit.

Last, but not least, I added this adorable floral baseball hat from Headbands of Hope to my look for some sun protection! I am usually not a baseball hat person, but this hat was so my style! I love the floral pattern. It also comes in a teal color and white! I know a lot of you know about Headbands of Hope, but just in case you're new, Headbands of Hope is such an important company to me! Not only do they make amazing products, but they do amazing work with kids with cancer. For every item sold, an item is given to a child with cancer. For 20% off your order, use my code: emeraldslipper20!

My Apple Watch band is a custom leather band from Etsy that was super affordable and dresses up my watch a bit!

Also, I love this water bottle. This bottle from Hidrate Spark was one of their first models, but it has since improved even more! It is essentially a smart water bottle that syncs to your phone and keeps track of how much water you are drinking in a day! It has a light on the inside that flashes to let you know when you need to drink again.

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