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The Queen of October Dresses

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

If this look doesn't say October, I don't know what does. This dress from Rent the Runway, and look as a whole, is one of my new fall favorites! I absolutely LOVE the colors for this time of year. The leopard print with the black accents is so cute and fun. Also, how cool is this lipstick?!

I love using Rent the Runway! It is a way for me to try so many different styles without commitment. I also love using it for special event dresses, especially gowns. The symphony has a gala once every year and instead of having a gown that sits in my closet that I only wear once, I get to rent a different gown each year and don't have to worry about it taking up space in my closet! I think the future will be full of even more clothing rental services. It is way more environmentally friendly, and a great way to save money if you are like me and enjoy wearing new styles all the time.

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