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The Magic of a Patchwork Print Dress

Updated: Oct 7, 2018

Video by my amazing husband, Gustaf Applequist! Check out the full video, and Gus's other vlogs, on his YouTube channel! ( 👈click this link to be taken there!)

I am so excited to share this outfit with you all! It is one of my favorites shoots from our trip to Colorado. We shot this look on our last full day on the land around our family's cabin and had so much fun hiking around. This dress from Zara was so perfect for this forest setting and made me feel very bohemian, yet modern, whimsical, and fashion-forward. The patchwork print is very in style for fall. When buying this dress, it was taking a bit of a risk for me, as it was a little outside of my comfort zone. It does have a pretty low-cut front and a sheer back, but I loved it on the model and thought it would be perfect for our trip! The tie in the front does help cover the low v-neck, but for bustier girls, I would recommend wearing a beige undershirt with this dress, depending on how modest you would like to be. As the weather gets colder, I will wear this with a long cardigan to cover the sheer back. Those things aside, I felt SO pretty in this dress and highly recommend it! The H&M dress that I have linked above is a close second for me, so make sure you check that one out as well.

I purchased this bucket bag from Zara as well. It was sold out last week, but I discovered that they restocked it, so grab it before it is gone again! I love that this bag is REAL leather and has a draw string detail. The strap is a braided cord material that gives the bag a cool, western vibe. To see this bag in another of my outfits from a previous post, click here. These amazing boots, which come in SIX colors, are from Public Desire. White boots are everywhere for this fall and I love it! Its popularity is breaking that old rule "no wearing white after Labor Day"! I feel like I personally did not pay attention to this rule before, but this trend is one small step towards the idea that fashion has no rules. Wear what makes you happy and reflects who you are! To see these boots in another of my outfits from a previous post, click here.

To finish this look off, I found a great twist belt from Target. This belt was the cherry on top and adds amazing texture to the look. The knot detail and loop concept of the belt was a perfect modern addition. This belt is versatile, as it works as either a belt for pants, or a belt to go around your waist with dresses or sweaters. Also, it is only $16.99!

I kept the jewelry pretty simple and, actually, sentimental with this outfit. Both of my jewelry pieces were given to me by family members. These rose gold feather earrings were a gift from my mother-in-law and the ring was given to me by my grandmother back when I was in middle school or early high school. I have found some similar pieces from Etsy that I have linked above!

More Pictures Below!


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