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Holiday Gift Guide 2- Supporting Small Businesses

A List of Great Local Stores for your Christmas Gift Shopping!

While I did share a gift guide a couple weeks ago with items from major stores that you can buy online, I wanted to share another great option for Christmas gift shopping; local small businesses! Shopping in store at a Nordstrom or Bloomingdales just isn't an option for us here in Kansas, unless you want to drive a long way or go on vacation. All of us know that this is the busiest time of the year, so trips are pretty hard to do. Yes, online shopping is an easy way to round up your gifts, but we are all aware of some downsides. If purchasing clothing, you cannot try on the items before hand. You also have to wait for a week or so for the package to arrive, unless you pay extra. It is much easier, especially when you put off Christmas shopping until the last minute like me, to shop local.

Small businesses are near and dear to my heart, as my husband and I own a small business in Lindsborg called The Courtyard Gallery and Bakery. These boutiques, restaurants, stores, coffee shops, and studios are more than just side notes in the volumes about business in America. These businesses are founded and run by local families, to whom the business is much more than just a business. It is their livelihood and passion. They pour countless hours and money into it and sometimes, don't get much back. That's why I like to do my part in supporting these unique treasures by trying to shop there whenever I can. They have so many great options and hidden gems!

Below, I have listed many of my favorite local small businesses that have great gift options for the holidays! Check them out!

1. The Courtyard Gallery and Bakery

125 N. Main St., Lindsborg, KS 67456

While I am a little biased to this particular small business, The Courtyard Gallery and Bakery is a super cool place! Originally a movie theatre, it was converted into an art gallery and bakery, with a unique self-service style in the bakery and wonderful and diverse art works by around 70 local artists.

101 S. Santa Fe Ave., Salina, KS, 67401

One of my go-to shopping destinations in downtown Salina, The Market Shop has great options for decor, gifts, furniture, and artwork. They have such a large selection of goods!

131 N. Main St., Lindsborg, KS, 67456


327 Poyntz Ave, Manhattan, KS 66502

Fair Trade stores sell goods made through trade in which fair prices are paid to producers in developing countries. They are a great place to shop for adorable clothing, accessories, home goods and decor and much more, all while doing some good for people in other countries around the world.

901 E. Crawford St., Salina, KS, 67401

CJ's was my absolute favorite place to go when decorating Gus's and my new home a couple years ago. They are a locally owned vendor marketplace offering a wonderful array of handmade, repurposed, upcycled, vintage & more. They have beautiful displays and plenty of gift/decor options for the season!

101 N. Santa Fe Ave., Salina, KS 67401

Converted from an old bank, Auld Lang Syne offers the largest inventory of antiques and collectibles I have ever seen. There are three giant floors of great finds at decent prices.

112 N. Santa Fe Ave., Salina, KS 67401

Yet another great boutique offering women's clothing and amazing home decor and furniture. It is a bit pricey, but has great quality items! I usually go there for unique small decor.

131 N. Main St., Lindsborg, KS 67456

One of my favorite stores in Lindsborg, this shop offers unique and beautiful home decor, home goods, and some women's clothing as well. Definitely worth the visit just to see their display!

135 N. Main St., Lindsborg, KS 67456

Trollslända is a creative, Scandinavian-inspired toy boutique that provides unique, quality, toys for children, to inspire creative play. It is a great place to shop for the little ones in your life!

124 S. Main St., Lindsborg, KS 67456

A list of my favorite small businesses would not be complete without The White Peacock. Yes, I know it is a coffee shop, but it is THE coffee shop to go to in my book... Their menu is full of delicious and unique items and is available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! I have never seen so many options for a frappe in my life. Besides, they do sell unique food, jewelry, and other fair trade items in store that are great gifts.

335 S. Clark St., Salina, KS 67401

Salina's locally owned, small music store, offering lessons, musical instruments (guitars/drums), accessories, music, and sound equipment, S.M. Hanson's is a great place to shop for a beginning to advanced musician.

116 N. Main St., McPherson, KS 67460


105 N 3rd St, Manhattan, KS 66502

One of Gus's favorite places, The Village Geek sells both new and used video games, board and tabletop games, and comics. It is a great place to shop for holiday gifts for any type of gamer!

115 N. Santa Fe Ave., Salina, KS 67401

Another unique find in downtown Salina, KS, Rebecca Jane's is an eclectic, creative store with local vendors and booths that offer a large array of gift options! It is a pretty neat place to stop by and spend some time!

111 N. Santa Fe Ave., Salina, KS 67401

On the Pot is a super fun place in downtown Salina where you can pick and paint your own pottery! You can gift either a special piece you made yourself, or gift others the opportunity to enjoy the experience! They host grown up and kid parties as well as special events throughout the year!

All of these stores are not the only options in the surrounding area for great atmosphere, inventory, and inspiration! I highly encourage you to go to the downtown areas in your local towns and just explore. These were just a few of my favorite places but there are so much more if you take the time to look and shop! Spread the love this holiday season and support local businesses! In doing so, you not only impact the store owner's life, but the community around you. Happy Holidays!


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