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Sunday in the Park with Hannah

See what I did there? 😉

We were blessed with a beautiful fall day on Sunday, so Gus and I took advantage of it and ventured around Lakewood Park in Salina. The colors are still changing here, so there was some flashes of red, orange, and yellow, but there is still plenty of green. I had to take some pictures with my favorite tree on our property later in the day as well (seen above). It is always such a beautiful red in the fall. This outfit was perfect for the day. I love this dress from Stitch Fix. It is an "older" dress, meaning that I received it in a Stitch Fix box about one or two years ago. Also, because it is from Stitch Fix, I cannot find it for you to shop. Whether that is because of age or because of the service, I don't know. I do highly recommend Stitch Fix (see this blog post to read more and to get a discount!) and you could possibly ask your stylist with the service to locate this dress. Otherwise, I did link some similar dress options above that are just as cute!

These boots from Zara were the perfect match for this cute mini dress! In the colder months, a great styling option is a shorter dress with a taller boot. These tall leather boots gave the outfit just the right amount of coverage for warmth, edge, and sass. I also loved that they brought out the burgundy tones in the floral pattern of the dress! While these boots are stylish and surprisingly, very comfortable, (I think three inch heels are comfortable... 🤷🏼‍♀️) they are pretty hard to take on and off because of the leather material. I would recommend wearing socks or tights, and they slide right off! Otherwise, you will need an assistant, like Gus, to tug them off. I wore sheer tights from Target. They kept me warm and added just a little support, which is always appreciated no matter who you are!

I purchased this bag, also from Target, a while ago. Thus, it is no longer available either! I didn't realize when styling this outfit that I was reusing so many items from the past! 😅 That being said, I have found some similar, and amazing, options linked above that will work just as well with this outfit. I love the simple, clean lines of this bag and the size! I could fit everything I needed inside.

My accessories were an adorable, gold choker and a gold ring from Rocksbox, a charm bracelet from Forever 21, and some cute H&M round earrings.

More Pictures Below!

💚Something New! I noticed a couple of weeks ago that Gus seems to have a humorous description of every outfit that we photograph. I decided, much to Gus's displeasure, that his creative summarization would be featured at the end of every blog post. So, here for your enjoyment...

Gus's Description of this Outfit: "Cold Knees"


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