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Studio Tour!

When I was a freshman in college, I discovered the joys of teaching private percussion lessons and knew that it was what I wanted to do for my occupation from that point forward. Fast-forward to now, I get to do exactly that in a space that I made my own! My husband and I bought a commercial building in Salina and I had the wonderful opportunity to remodel the space into exactly what I needed. My studio is like a second home to me, and I wanted to share the interior with you all today. Through this remodel, I discovered my passion for decorating and design. I am definitely not an expert, but I made this space reflect who I am. I hope you enjoy!

Entryway/Waiting Room:

This space is light, airy, and makes me feel happy. I wanted to create a good mood coming into my studio space and provide a great place for families to hang out while I teach their kiddos. I love the dark wood floors (although they are super fun to keep clean) and paired them with a lighter blue/green paint color. Scroll through more pictures below of my entry space! I found most of my furniture through Nebraska Furniture Mart, but have linked similar items from Wayfair below, since these items are no longer at NFM.

Shop the room:


I wanted my office to be a very chill space that helped me relax. I get my best work done in a calm, quiet environment, and I can spend hours in this space. I gravitated towards this dark navy paint color and white accents, with little pops of contrasting colors on the walls.


I love this kitchen's transitional cabinetry and large, dark grey tile floor. I contrasted the large tile floor with a small, but still similar, backsplash in grey and white. This space is great for when I work in the evenings and also provides lots of storage!


This is my creative space where I teach, practice, learn, and play! I wanted to embrace the beauty of the wood floor and instruments in this room, so I went with all white. I also found percussion blueprints on Etsy, framed them, and hung them up around the room.

Here are similar chairs and a similar rug to the furniture in this room!

I teach, and love, all percussion at my studio, but my favorite instruments to play are definitely the melodic percussion instruments. These beauties (Adams 4.3 octave Concert marimba and Adams 5 octave Alpha Series marimba) are my pride and joy and are the center of the space!


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2 comentários

Hannah Applequist
Hannah Applequist
05 de set. de 2018

Me too! It is definitely a dream come true.


Sarah Hazelton
Sarah Hazelton
04 de set. de 2018

It's so cool to see your studio finally completed like you always wanted it. I remember when it was just an idea :)

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