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Rainy October Monday

Shop the look: Boden Roseland Shirt Dress , similar dress here or here, Sam Edelman Caprice Knee-High Boot, similar boots here, here, and here, LEITH Quilted Leather Crossbody Bag, similar here or here, similar earrings here, similar ring here, Clear Umbrella from Amazon here

On Monday, Gus and I decided to brave the rain to get some pictures of this beautiful outfit! Finally ending on Tuesday here in Salina, the rain had been non-stop and has caused flooding all over the state. I have always loved rain, but life tends to be a little different when it comes, especially in cooler temperatures. All I felt like doing the past four days was cuddling in front of a nice, warm fire sipping on a cup of hot cocoa. "Lucky" for me, I have had rehearsals and other commitments to keep me from hibernating. We ventured to my in-law's beautiful home and enjoyed the beautiful fall decor and foliage!

I think if I had to pick a dress that represented me as a whole, this dress would definitely win. I felt so pretty (and warm) in this outfit! I had to have this dress from Boden as soon as I saw it on their website. I absolutely love its burgundy color and the delicate light pink floral pattern. I will be wearing this dress well into winter and spring, as well as this fall. It has a nice, high quality fabric that doesn't wrinkle easily and fits true to size (I am wearing a size 4 ,for reference). I would wear this for just about any occasion (work, rehearsals, date night, etc.).

I styled this dress with a pair of Sam Edelman knee high boots that I shared several posts ago. I purchased these boots during the Nordstrom sale and absolutely love them! They kept me warm in the cooler temperatures and rain. Slouchy boots are in style this season and these boots have a block heel, which made them very comfortable and practical on the wet grass. The heel is a good 3 and 3/4 inches high, so I would not recommend wearing them as long as I did (7 plus hours including a 3 hour symphony rehearsal), as they killed my feet by the end of the day, but they are super cute and comfy for a couple hours, at least.

I chose this LEITH crossbody bag, also from Nordstrom, for two reasons. I love that the mustard color offsets the darker burgundy color of the dress. In addition, I noticed that the tassel on this bag has the same leaf/floral shapes as the pattern in my dress! It was a too-perfect match, especially for fall. When winter comes around, I would pair this dress with a darker bag like this.

I chose my jewelry to compliment the pearly pink/white color of the dress pattern and kept it pretty simple. I wore a set of pearl studs that Gus gifted me on our first anniversary and a cheap pearl ring that I picked up from somewhere.. no idea where. I linked some similar pearl earrings and ring from Etsy above!

I purchased this amazing umbrella from Amazon through the recommendation of a fellow blogger, and I love it! This umbrella is a nice size and is very deep, allowing you to pull it further over yourself to stay dry. It is very practical for the city, as you can walk down a crowded street and be able to see everything through your umbrella.

More Pictures Below!



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