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Picking out a Pumpkin!

Shop this look: Gal Meets Glam Blanche Check Bow Tie Fit & Flare Dress, similar dresses here, here, and here, STATE Preete Bootie, similar boots here, here, and here, similar bag here, here, and here, L'eggs Sheer Tights, similar bracelet here, similar earrings here, similar ring here, Bobbi Brown Luxe Matte Lip Color in Fever Pitch

In honor of National Pumpkin Day (October 26th), Gus and I decided to finally go to our local pumpkin patch to take some pictures, enjoy the last of the fall colors, and pick out a pumpkin for our house! We were awful planners, however, as it had rained the day before and we did not take that into account. We got to the pumpkin patch and were welcomed by LOTS of mud... Not people to give up easily, we braved the mud and stayed on the grass, even though we got some weird looks. We were both a little dressy for a muddy pumpkin patch. 🤷🏼‍♀️ This adorable Gal Meets Glam dress was part of the first October launch at Nordstrom, and as soon as I saw it, I knew I needed it for pumpkin patch pictures. This dress is vintage, super cute, great for fall, and a little quirky. Perfect for me! I absolutely adore the bow detail on the front. I had never seen that on a dress before this one. Besides the original, I did not find any other dresses with that detail for you. However, I did find some great shirt dresses linked above that will work just as well with this outfit!

I chose these statement red boots, also from Nordstrom, because I liked how they brought out the red detail in the pattern on my dress! They have a block heel, so they did not sink into the ground (a HUGE win for that location) and have only a 3 inch heel so they were super comfy! They also come in three other colors (I also have them in beige), so you can pair these boots with any outfit. These boots are 40% off right now, so act quick before they sell out!

This Michael Kors bag, purchased a couple years ago, is my go-to bag for every day. I felt that it went really well with this outfit as well! I like to have a large, neutral colored bag for every day that works for any outfit. This bag works with athleisure, to formal looks, and everything in between! It has been well worth the money. I have linked some similar bags above, as my exact bag is long gone.

I finished off my look with some pearl accents in my jewelry. I wore a ring and pair of earrings from Rocksbox and an old faux pearl bracelet that is actually broken.. I need to update my pearl bracelet option! I have linked some similar jewelry pieces above.

As the temperatures get cooler, I always wear some tights with my dresses to add some extra warmth. These sheer, black tights from Target were the perfect amount of coverage for the cool autumn day. I also make sure to get the tights that have a control top. I love the secure feeling that they give me and they stay up better as well.

Last but not least, this lipstick was the finishing touch on the outfit. It matched my boots perfectly! My makeup, in general, is pretty natural and then I like to add a bold lip. I am pretty addicted to the Bobbi Brown brand after seeing a recommendation by a fellow blogger and trying it out for myself. I will definitely extend that recommendation and have linked the exact lipstick above.

More Pictures Below!

Gus's Description: The Little Red-Heeled Schoolgirl (:

Have a great week! More coming soon. 💚



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