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My River Festival Look!

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Also, scroll down to find out where Gus and I are vacationing for most of July!

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I always have a love/hate relationship with our river festival in Salina. One one hand, the event is AMAZING, there are so many wonderful bands and great food and it is when our community really comes alive. It is always hard, however, since it takes place during the busiest time of the year for me. Not only is our band, Everyday Lights, playing at the festival every year, but Gus and I are playing at the community theater, doing end of the school year gigs, and finishing up the season with the Salina Symphony.. It is nuts! That is why Gus and I are taking a much needed vacation, leaving on the first of July, the day after we finish up our show at the community theater.

Our Summer Vacay

My in laws discovered Chautauqua, NY several years ago and it has become a family staple destination for every summer since! Chautauqua Institution is a community on the shores of Chautauqua Lake in southwestern New York state that comes alive each summer with a unique mix of fine and performing arts, lectures, interfaith worship and programs, and recreational activities. If any of you have seen The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, it reminds me a lot of where they summer in the Catskills! It is such a fun, chill community and is like stepping back in time. The grounds are beautiful and I am excited to take pictures there. Also, we are taking our puppies, Lilly and Lucy, so we will be driving there instead of flying! It should be quite the adventure! I will definitely be documenting our journey through Instagram so you can follow along.

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