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My Favorite Winter Knits!

Everyone loves a good sweater! During the colder months, they are super versatile, stylish, and functional, keeping us warm and looking great! They can be dressed up or down and styled with jeans, trousers, leggings, skirts, and even over dresses. My collection is ever growing and changing and I wear sweaters almost every day. Today, I wanted to share with you some of my favorites, whether that is sweaters that I already have in my closet or sweaters that I wish were in my closet.

Cable Knit (Click on Pictures to Shop!)

Cable knit sweaters are a classic style, great for work or casual wear! It is good to have at least one cable knit sweater in your closet, as they go well with anything. They are less bold than other options, are pretty warm, and usually have a classic fit as well.

Textured (Click on Pictures to Shop!)

Textured Sweaters help add visual interest without adding another pattern to a look, so you can pair these with a simple pair of black leggings or a patterned skirt. Either works! Texture can be found in a knit pattern, or by adding fringe, beads, using a fuzzy knit, or even by using a different silhouette!

Patterned (Click on Pictures to Shop!)

Patterned sweaters are great for accent pieces in your outfits! Wear a printed sweater with a plain pair of pants/skirt and pick a color or two from the pattern for your accessories. If you are feeling more daring, mix and match prints by wearing plaid pants with a floral sweater or, a more toned down way, wear a striped sweater with floral boots!

Oversized (Click on Pictures to Shop!)

Oversized sweaters are a great way to look, and feel, relaxed and comfortable! My favorite way to wear these types of sweaters is with leggings, as the sweaters usually are longer and come down further. It is always good to wear an oversized fitting top with a tighter bottom.

Fitted/Cropped (Click on Pictures to Shop!)

Fitted or cropped sweaters are great with high waisted pants/trousers and over skirts or dresses! I wear this type of sweater all of the time, as I love their cute, feminine look!

Mock Neck/Turtleneck (Click on Pictures to Shop!)

Mock neck or turtleneck sweaters are some of my favorites to wear! While they aren't everyone's choice of cut, I think they look classic, stylish, and work very well with statement earrings or necklaces!

Happy shopping! I hope you find some great pieces <3


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