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Holiday Gift Guide- 35 Gifts for Him!

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

My 3rd Holiday Gift Guide is now live! It's time for the guys in your life to get some love! I absolutely love shopping for Gus, but it can be super hard to find something for him sometimes... Can anyone else relate? I found some great gift options for him this year, ranging from classic to unique and from affordable to a splurge. Check it out!

Click the Pictures or Links Below to Shop!

For the guy who needs some more color in his life. Christmas morning essential!

For all the hot cocoa and coffee needs.

Stylish and fun!

The cutest!

A multifunctional tool that fits in your wallet!

There never was a manlier candle.

My hubby's favorite wallets!

8. Pizza Socks- $14.99

No explanation needed...

Everything he needs for a good shave!

There is also Star Wars! A sort of advent calendar?

A funny and fast-paced game.

Everyone needs one of these.

Because everyone gets thirsty...

With matching scarf below!

15. Sweater Knit Scarf- $19.99

So cozy!

16. Stitch Fix Subscription- $20 styling fee

For the guy who hates shopping and needs a wardrobe refresh! Simply pay a $20 styling fee and get sent several items to try on at home! Keep what you want and send back the rest!

A pen that is much more than a pen!

18. Chapter Dopp Kit- $35.00

A mesh lined travel case with all the fixings!

The perfect work gift!

For cuddling up by the fire.

A smart and modern toothbrush!

22. Tile Pro- $44.98

For the guy who always looses his stuff...

Everything you need for a great holiday cocktail.

Connects to your phone and lights up when it is time to drink!

For the guy who loves The Office.

26. Watch Gang- $49.00-299.00 depending on plan

A monthly or quarterly watch delivered to you! Prices very depending on how often you get it and what quality watch you want.

More socks!

28. Sleep Aid Device- $59.80

Helps you sleep.

The best way to shop for cologne for someone else!

30. Scuff Slipper- $79.95

The coziest slipper out there.

31. Raven 20L Backpack- $90.00

A versatile backpack with a cool style.

All the vintage vibes!

There's something magical about being able to develop a picture instantly!

The best kind of socks out there.

35. The Jack Shoe- $188

The most handsome dress shoes ever!


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