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Elegant Emerald

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

There's nothing quite like that feeling you get from a great outfit! It makes me feel happy, beautiful, and ready to take on anything! Chicwish always makes sure I am well taken care of in that regard. They have so many amazing options for beautiful, quality looks and always have new arrivals!

Chicwish dresses always bring me so much joy! When I opened up this package, this dress jumped out at me. It has the prettiest fabric! Pictures just can't do it justice! The beautiful embossed fabric has shimmery gold thread woven into the pattern. It looks so luxe and expensive! When I tried it on for Gus, he looked upset and said "Well, that looks like that cost us a lot.." However, he was happy to find out that this dress is only $65.00! I think this dress is a beautiful, transitional piece to take you from summer into fall. As it cools off, add some tights or tall boots and a cardigan for a cute and classy look.

I love the little details of this dress, like the touches of emerald green! Obviously, for The Emerald Slipper, that is my favorite color to wear, so I picked accessories that highlighted that color. These shoes have been in my closet for quite some time, so I could not find then exact pieces. I have linked similar options above for you all!

While this is a pretty risky choice, as I usually don't pair two busy pieces together, I wanted to also embrace the vintage qualities of the look by pairing it with this amazing, embroidered clutch from Lulus. I love how this clutch looks, but, honestly, it had sat in my closet for quite some time without being used. I just couldn't find the right look for it... until now!

I also wore some beautiful rings from H&M that have lovely, modern pearl accents.

I finished off the look with one of my favorite hair accessories from Etsy. I absolutely love this emerald green, padded headband. It is so luxe and matches the dress and shoes perfectly. I also have this headband in burgundy and black!

I also wore some new, pearl earrings from H&M to add another modern flair to the look.

My last addition to the look is this beautiful liquid lipstick from Yves Saint Laurent. I love this lipstick! It is pricey, but well worth it! I especially like the darker colors.

More Pictures Below!



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