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Deck the Halls!

Shop my Christmas Decorations at my Studio

It is getting down to the wire for Christmas decorating, but I have been seeing many people post that they just got their Christmas trees up for the holidays this week! Things have been hectic and super busy for everyone, like always this time of year, so I wanted to include some of my favorite holiday decor to help finish off your festive looks. I think my favorite place ever has to be my studio waiting room. It represents everything that I love about this season and uses silver, white, and some gold hues for a bit of a different take than you normally see with Christmas decorations. I wanted something that felt like a winter wonderland, with none of the normal characters you see, like Santa, angels, or snowmen. Having a more nature themed setting allows me to keep the decorations up well after Christmas!

I went through a ton of my go-to stores to find the same, or similar, items for you. Scroll down to see more pictures and to shop!

This amazing Christmas tree from Hobby Lobby was the perfect tree for this space! At 7.5' tall, it fills up the room nicely and I love the flocking! My ornaments stuck to the Winter Wonderland theme by using the same color scheme and snowflakes, deer, snowballs, and pinecones. I also used beautiful white and gold poinsettia picks to help fill in gaps in the tree and feel like they added so much!

Click the pictures below to shop!

For the top of my accent table, I chose these gorgeous trees made of many different types of materials, colors, and textures, just like a real forest! I also added these adorable white houses and little candle holders. On a table, it is always good to have different layers and heights of objects to create visual interest. Another good tip is to use garland to help fill in the gaps and make the look complete!

Click the pictures below to shop!

My seating areas are my absolute favorite. I found so many great pillows from Pier 1 Imports, my go-to place to buy throw pillows. To stay with the theme, I used a lot of texture like faux fur and beading in the color scheme. For my centerpiece on my coffee table, I used these amazing lantern and candle holder sets filled in-between with a strand of garland.

Click the pictures below to shop!

This floating shelf set from Target has totally completed my space. While they were kind of a pain to put up, they have added so much and are a great way to decorate your wall space! I kept with my natural theme and added some cute winter accents to the pieces that were already there. These little bottle brush trees are just adorable!

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I kept this side table more simple, with an adorable drumming nutcracker music box from Dillons, of all places, and a glass tree. The great thing about hollow glass decor is that there is the option to put fairy lights inside for a whimsical look.

Click the pictures below to shop!

To finish off my decor post, I had to include my coffee station! During the holidays, I set it up with hot cocoa and little candy canes, and also a little decoration. I used a couple more beautiful trees and adorable deer and finished it off with some berry garland and tall frosted twigs.

Click the pictures below to shop!

I hope that this helps inspire some of you, grows your collection of winter decor, or even just puts you in the holiday spirit. These decorations always make me feel happy and festive and I love sharing them with others! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! <3


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