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Blankets of Snow

This shoot is from our huge snow that we got here in Kansas about three weeks ago now. Gus and I took advantage of the snow and shot five different outfits! This one was one of my favorites, as it is super sweet, cozy, and made me feel so cute! While we no longer have snow left, this look will definitely keep you warm and comfy in any weather. I shared a blanket scarf/wrap outfit a while ago (see here) on a trip with my family after Christmas and decided to do a blog post for this one!

A blanket scarf is the perfect winter/fall accessory! It adds warmth while also adding texture and pattern to any look, especially this one. With a more monochrome base layer, I wanted something that had some pop! I originally purchased this blanket scarf/wrap from Nordstrom but, unfortunately, I can no longer find it! I have discovered some very similar options linked above.

Though it is not very visible in the pictures that we took, this sweater dress from Vici was the perfect base layer for the look. It is a super cute dress and would work well dressed up or down. It is also super soft! It was a little short for what I like, but adding the over the knee boots helped me stay warm and comfortable.

While these boots from XOXO 5th Avenue are super cute and worked well with this look, I am not sure if I would recommend the store. The shoes, so far, have held up fine, but they literally took over a month to arrive. I did link them above if you don't care about waiting a long time, but if you prefer having your boots sooner rather than later, I have linked some just as affordable options above!

To stay extra warm, I layered some opaque, black tights from Target underneath my look.

This is one of my favorite pictures that Gus has taken...of the back of my head. It is so cute and showcases this adorable hair bow pony from Nordstrom! It is sold out now as well, but I have found some great similar options! I love the femininity and cuteness it adds to the look. It was perfect in the snow!

I love a good black bag, and this backpack from Arden Cove, found through Instagram from a fellow blogger, is a great and versatile bag for your collection! It was on sale at the time and is pretty pricey, so I have linked some great options above as well that are a little more affordable.

Again, to add warmth, I wore my favorite pair of gloves from H&M, also seen here. I had been wanting a pair of black leather gloves my whole life... for some reason... so I love that I found these. I think they look so chic and classy!

I also wore a couple bracelets from my collection. I don't remember where I got the gold cuff, but the charm bracelet is from Rocksbox.

To finish off the look, I wore these adorable and super cool Kate Spade cluster stud earrings from Rocksbox. I absolutely love their look! I also wore my go to matte red lipstick from Kylie Cosmetics.

More Pictures Below!


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