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Before and After: The Emerald Slipper Office!

Today is such an exciting day for me. I am ecstatic to FINALLY be able to share this with you but I have an office! Due to long delays thanks to Covid, this room took wayyy longer than expected and has quite the history!

This office is actually a part of my private lessons studio (currently closed due to Covid). The room was originally just a storage/practice room until Gus started his business, Fili Creative. Check out their website here! They moved into this room for the first several months of business. As Gus hired his first employee, the room quickly became cramped and they began looking for their own office building and moved out soon after that (stay tuned for that renovation..I helped with it too!).


During all of this, Gus and I still lived roughly 30 minutes away from where we both now worked and I realized that I needed a space that I could use for The Emerald Slipper that had, for one, good internet (we barely had anything at our farm) and two, the style/organization/space that I needed for everyday blog things. The lack of these two things at our home made the blog quite the challenge and I was spending hours sitting in my percussion studio working on blog things.

This room, now sitting empty, was the perfect space for the new Emerald Slipper office, so we started making plans.


I absolutely LOVE the transformation of this room! I knew I wanted to have a floral wallpaper accent wall.. You all know that I love an accent wall after seeing my house lol! I also knew that I wanted an emerald couch and a neon sign that said "The Emerald Slipper", so I went from there! Unfortunately, the accent wall is over an exterior brick wall, so I did not get to hang my sign over the couch, but I still placed it over the bookshelf on a different wall and it works great!

I took the tones of this GORGEOUS wallpaper that I found on Etsy, and carried them over to the rest of the room. The other walls and many of the other decor are a blush color found in the flowers. I wanted a more uniform floor, so I extended the dark edges of the carpet to make one solid colored floor. This color brings out the dark grey colors that are in the wallpaper pattern. I also used the couch to choose decor. I wanted touches of glam to match the luxe velvet fabric and natural touches (wood and straw) in the room as well to tie in the wooden legs. The other touches are a mixture of new and antique fashion books and pictures and lots of greenery!

I will definitely be using this room more now that I could finally share it with you all! I was trying to keep it a secret until Covid allowed us to finish it up and to make a video/take pictures of the space!

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