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Before and After: Master Bedroom

During the Covid shutdown, I wanted to make sure I was sensitive to everyone's current status and also wanted to take a little break from writing blog posts to cope with the stress of the state of our world right now. I feel comfortable returning for the moment and would like to share another room update!

We haven't gotten any more renovations done since my last check in with you all, due to the virus, but will hopefully get some moving in the next couple months! We did, however, finish our master bedroom! I would like to share that space with you all today.

Our bedroom is one of my favorite spaces in my home. It is large, but still feels cozy, and feels a little like I am in a loft apartment


I love all the windows in this room! The previous owners had a bed along the back wall and a couch and tv stand on the other. I loved the layout, so we did the same but elevated it a little! While the windows are great, I also wanted a little privacy for nighttime/morning when getting ready and to keep the light out in the mornings. We knew that we would have to add some curtains/blinds.


I found a comfy sectional from Ashley Furniture in a darker color (We can't have light sofas bc... fur babies...) and paired it with a coffee table that also doubles as some extra storage! One of the downsides to having large, open rooms is that there is little closet space. We actually do not have a linen closet, so I use this table to store our extra linens for the bedroom.

The tv stand, from Nebraska Furniture Mart, matches the coffee table perfectly! I actually didn't realize they looked so similar until they showed up at the house. I was in for a pleasant surprise! Their white color lightens up the room while the dark hardware and tops tie in the bedroom set (also from NFM). This set came with us from our old house. (Besides the bed and the side tables, you can barely glimpse the dresser in the third picture).

Taking advantage of the larger space, I purchased a clothing rack from Amazon that I had been eyeing for a long time. I wanted a place where I could store my gifted clothes/items from blogging so I didn't forget about them! This piece was super affordable and helped balance out the space.

My favorite piece that has been in my bedroom for years is the windmill blades that hang over our bed. Besides the slight fear that it will fall on us in our sleep, (Don't worry, it is very secure) this piece always makes me feel happy. When my grandpa passed away several years ago, we moved my grandma into town to be closer to family. Their farm was left vacant and my mom went out to go through some old things and found this. My grandpa was a windmill repairman and this was a piece from one of the windmills he worked on that was sitting at their farm. Every time I see it, I think of my grandpa and my family out in NW Kansas.

Here is a picture from my IG stories a couple days ago. After taking the above pictures, I added some poufs from Target to the room to make the sitting area feel more complete!

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