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Before and After: Living Room

All of us homebodies have been training for social distancing our whole lives, so I am feeling strangely comfortable with not being able to leave my home. My home is my sanctuary, and I love making it my own! Today, I wanted to share where I spend a large majority of my time; our living room!


Our home has a kind of quirky layout to it, but we love that it isn't so typical! On the second floor of our house is a large living area that also contains our kitchen (over to the left, you can see a bar stool with my coat on it..) Since Gus and I don't really use our dining table when it's just the two of us, we moved the layout of the previous owners around and put the dining room down a couple steps to the right where the living room used to be (not shown). Our most important goal was to be able to seat everyone together in our living space when they come over, so having the table up here didn't make a lot of sense!

I was obsessed with this space from the beginning. I love the ceilings and the huge windows that let in all the natural light! There are also two sliding glass doors in the middle of the room that lead out to a balcony/deck.

After (also a sneak peak of the kitchen!)

I love how this room turned out! The room was beautiful before, so all I had to do was add some furniture! We used all of our living room furniture from our old house and then added a tv stand and rug that totally makes the room! I went for a neutral color scheme and added pops of color in the plants. This room is so light filled and cheerful, but it does get hot in the middle of the day (with all the winter sun coming in!), so we added some pretty and simple white curtains. It makes the space feel more cozy! This space is where the puppies also have their pen with their food and water, and will house a piano before too long!

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