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Before and After: Kitchen

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

I am so excited to finally share our kitchen! There isn't much of a before and after since we didn't need to update it at all, but I did decorate it and wanted to show you all!


The kitchen is definitely a favorite spot of mine in my home. I love all the natural light that the windows give it and the transitional cabinetry with a farmhouse look in the accent tile, the bar chairs, and the light fixtures! When we first saw pictures of this home, we were worried that none of our rustic style furniture would fit here, but the kitchen was one of the places that made me realize that it would! This room only needed decor to make it our own.


Everywhere throughout our home, I tried to use items/gifts from Gus and my wedding to decorate! Most of our kitchen appliances were wedding gifts and our Vic Firth salt and pepper shakers are especially special to us. They were given to me by my percussion teacher! Vic Firth started out making salt and pepper mills but became one of the largest drumstick/mallet makers in the world. As far as I know, they have stopped making salt and pepper grinders, so it is so neat to have a set!

Another set that is a fun addition to our kitchen are the "H&G" metal signs. These letters sat in front of our table at our wedding reception and have been with us ever since! They hung in our bedroom at our old home and are now above our fridge. They wouldn't stand upright, so in quarantine, I fashioned some wooden block holders for them. It's not perfect (they may have fallen on Gus once or twice...) but at least they stand!

Similar items to these, as well as everything else, are linked below!

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