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Before and After: Guest Bedroom #2


Here is guest bedroom #2's before pic! This room, as is, would have been 8 year old Hannah's dream bedroom with the bright green. As a child, I begged and begged my mom to allow me to paint my bedroom a very similar color until she finally gave in. Now that I'm...slightly... older, I wanted to change this color to something a little more mature but that kept a slight nod to little Hannah's bedroom.


What we ended up with was quite possibly my favorite transformation in the entire house! This room is whimsical and yet sophisticated; mature and yet energetic. I feel like it is everything that represents me! I fell in love with this wallpaper from Magnolia Home when I first saw it and knew one of my guest rooms had to have it. Even though the two rooms are joined by a shared bathroom, I wanted them to feel entirely separate in style; one being masculine and one being feminine.

I got the idea to hang the wicker baskets behind the bed thanks to Pinterest and the knowledge that I wanted to incorporate more natural decor in this room. There are two special pieces in here. They are my childhood jewelry box and my dried bouquet from my wedding!

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