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Before and After: Guest Bedroom #1


It is pretty obvious that this room was one of the previous owner's girl's rooms. While little girl me LOVES any bright purple, green, or pink (stay tuned for other rooms..), grown up Hannah wanted to create a more grown up space!

Before this room was a bright lilac little girl's room, the owners before last had it as a guest room that was painted a blood red color, so this room has seen some things.. 😅

This is one of two basically identical bedrooms on the main floor. They share a bathroom and are perfect guest bedrooms for us! I wanted to change the walls and do something that would open up the space and update it a little.


These guest bedrooms turned out so well and I couldn't wait to share! For this room, I wanted to do a navy accent wall, just like I did at our last house. This time, I chose a Magnolia Home plaid wallpaper for some added texture. I am IN LOVE with it! It goes so well with the white and grey accents that I had from the last house, so I didn't have to change anything with the furniture and only added a couple more decorations! I thought the window above the bed works so well with this room, as the wallpaper reminds me of a window pane already. We chose a light grey that matched the lighter color in the wallpaper for the other three walls.

In the future, I want to remove the white carpet from these guest bedrooms and put down wood or laminate. I always get so nervous with white carpet leading to outside doors... It is just stains waiting to happen! For now, however, I will enjoy the plushness the carpet adds to the space.

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Stay tuned for next week! I will be sharing our dining room!

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