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Before and After: Dining Room


This room was originally the living room for the family before, but when we looked at the space, we knew it wouldn't fit our living room furniture the way we wanted! I was distraught but Gus had the brilliant idea to turn this room into our dining room instead! While we wouldn't get to cozy up to the fire while watching tv at night, we would get to use it for dinners with guests on cold nights such as tonight!

I love this fireplace and what it adds to the space. The outside landscaping of our home uses large, flat stones for our walkways and flower beds, so the rock front to the fireplace kind of ties the inside together with the outside. I also love the ceilings in these main spaces in my house. The white paneled wood was one of the details that assured me that our rustic style decor from our previous house would work in this one, even though it was newly remodeled!


I LOVE the after for this space! It is not entirely done, as we have a hanging light fixture to go above the dining table as soon as an electrician is available (Covid again...). However, I did link the light fixture that we purchased below for future reference! Also, I forgot to take pictures in here when I did the video on Instagram, so you all get to see my fall decor!

This room has four very important furniture pieces in it! We had this dining table custom made for us when we moved into our last house and absolutely love it! In the future, we want to see if it is possible to turn it into a table that can expand with leaves so we can seat more people but, for now, it is perfect.

Another important piece is the old wooden bass case in the corner! Gus plays bass and when he found this antique case (also back in our old house), we knew we had to have it. Interesting history tidbit- This bass case was most likely made by a local coffin maker back in the 1920's for a local collage to go perform at Carnegie Hall!

The last two pieces are the buffet which was a wedding present to us from Gus's parents. The store no longer exists, so this piece is fairly unique. My absolute favorite piece is this old church pew that had been left with our old house on the porch. When we moved, I just had to bring it with us.. even though I knew it would be a pain to move.. and it was.. We somehow got it moved, cleaned up, and up the stairs by ourselves during the Covid shutdown and I LOVE how it looks in the space!

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