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An Evening at Coronado Heights

(An entire outfit for around $100!!)

Coronado Heights is a staple of Lindsborg and its surrounding areas in Kansas. It is alleged to be near the place where Fransisco Vasquez de Coronado gave up his search for the seven cities of gold and turned around to return to Mexico. It is one of a chain of seven sandstone bluffs referred to as the Spanish Buttes. The hill rises approximately 300 feet above the valley floor. Many people visit this place for the stunning views of the countryside and to climb on and explore the historic "castle" shelter built in the 1930's. Coronado Heights was actually one of the first places Gus took me when we first started dating! Every so often, we revisit this spot and take in the views. For this visit to Coronado Heights, we shot this beautiful, bohemian smocked dress from Piper and Scoot. By the way, this whole outfit is around $100!!

This dress was a perfect fit for the scenery and for the fall season in general. It has an elastic neck and can even be worn off-the-shoulder as well as how I styled it! I enjoyed the length of this dress. As I am only 5'4 1/2" (almost, but not quite, petite), most maxi dresses are way too long for me and have to be hemmed. This dress was the perfect length! It has sold out once already but has been recently restocked, so get yours quickly before it's gone again!

This belt bag from Macys, though on the small side (storage-wise) for me, is the perfect accessory to this dress! It has the right rustic/western touch to it with the cognac color, the wide belt, and the small tassel on the zipper. It also pairs well with my boots and kept my hands free! I highly suggest having at least one belt bag in your collection, especially if you travel. They just make things so easy!

My boots, from Target, were also a welcomed addition to the look. The zipper details, the wide, low heel, and the color were perfect for this dress and bag. Not to mention, the low heel helped me crawl around all of these rocks... At only $38, these boots are not only cute but affordable! They seem to be pretty good quality and are very comfortable.

I have shared these earrings in a previous outfit post (with another Piper and Scoot dress!), and can't get enough of them. These earrings are from Rocksbox. I am in love with the tassels and the color contrasts the dress perfectly! Tassel earrings are big for the fall season and fit in well with the western trend as well. My rings are mixed and matched sets from H&M. These rings are super affordable and very cute!

Gus snapped this picture at the end of our time at Coronado Heights that night as the sun was setting. It showcases how pretty this matte lip color is! This lip kit, from Kylie Cosmetics, is one of her OG colors. It was one of the first lipsticks I bought from this brand! I liked the cool tones to the brown color (something different for me!) and felt it complimented the outfit well.

More Pictures Below!

Gus's Description: "The Pretty Peppermint Patterned Dress" ...say that five times fast...

Have a great weekend!!



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