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A Tropical Dream Dress

Our first full day in Turks and Caicos was spent relaxing and exploring the grounds of the resort. We spent some time on the beach getting sunburned before we did anything else... I stayed out of the sun as much as I could this trip but the first day got my shoulders as you can see above. After a very enjoyable day, we ate supper at one of the resort's amazing restaurants and enjoyed some family time. On our way, we snapped some shots as the sun was setting!

This dress from Rent the Runway was an absolute joy! I loved how light and airy the fabric was and felt that the bright, floral pattern fit the location perfectly. This dress is perfect for a tropical vacation! I rented a Medium, as recommended by the reviews, and felt like it fit very well. I would, however, suggest belting it, as it is cut more like a shift dress. Adding a belt gave the dress, and me, some shape!

Speaking of a belt, this particular one from Gap was perfect for this dress. While burgundy does not seem like a color normally chosen for a tropical vacation, I felt that it brought out the darker red tones in the pattern of the dress nicely. While this belt is no longer available, I did find some very similar options, linked above.

These sandals from ASOS (also seen here) were my favorite pair that I brought for the trip! They were so effortless, comfortable, and worked so well with many of my looks. They will be great sandals for warmer weather! The tie that goes around the ankle is versatile and can be tied different ways and they were so easy to wear to the beach!

I styled the dress with a simple and rustic woven circle bag that I purchased from H&M last summer. I felt that this bag gave the look a more casual vibe. Woven bags are very in style for this year's spring and summer seasons and they were all that I brought for the trip! I also wore this adorable cowry shell bracelet from Forever 21. It came in a set of four that I alternated between for the entire trip. I have linked similar items above!

To finish off the look, I wore these powerful statement earrings from ASOS and some creme lipstick from Kylie Cosmetics in the shade Pomegranate. They paired so well, both with each other, and with the rest of the look! I will warn you; I did not anticipate how heavy these earrings were! They are good quality and, because of their size, were only wearable for a couple hours, at least for me. The lipstick is one of my go-to reds. Kylie Cosmetics lipsticks have been an obsession of mine basically since it started, but the creme lipsticks are my favorites. It is the only lipstick that I have found that is so pigmented, stays on all day, and is not drying AT ALL. So great!

More Pictures Below!


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