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A Chic Spring Dress

I am so happy that spring is finally here and am so enjoying our warmer weather and the clothing that comes along with it! Because of a "fun" dermatologist appointment this week, I had a group of moles removed and have some stitches in one of my legs. Thus, I can't work out for about a month or so. While I definitely miss it, I am finding myself with much more time and am able to get ready earlier in the day! We have been able to shoot a lot of looks this week.. A blessing in disguise, I guess.

This dress from Chicwish is, quite possibly, one of my most surprising dresses this spring! Let me explain that a little. I absolutely adore Chicwish and their products. They are super affordable, yet quality and stylish pieces, and I loved this dress on their website! When it showed up, I wasn't so sure, just because there wasn't much shape to it. Then I put it on. Once the tie went around my waist, I was smitten! It is soo comfortable and classic. The high neckline and sheer sleeves are so cute for spring and the floral pattern is darling!

This bag, purchased on Amazon, has been one of my favorite items for this spring. I haven't purchased much from Amazon, just because I never really had thought of it being a place to buy clothing and accessories, but I have found some of the best deals on their website! There is a designer equal to this bag that is way more expensive (hundreds of dollars), but this one is only $69! I don't enjoy the liner bag on the interior, but it is removable, so I just take that out when wearing.

I have styled these shoes from Dillards with another recent look, before we went on our spring break trip, (see here) and am still obsessed with them! They are so comfortable, even though they don't look like they are, and have such a unique style. They are real leather, so they are a little pricey, but I have linked some more affordable alternatives above!

Though not visible in this picture, I finished off this look with an old faux pearl ring and some pearl stud earrings that were a gift from my hubby. I wanted to keep accessories simple since there is a lot of pattern in this look. I like that the pearl earrings tie in with the pearl handbag and the pearl barrette, also purchased from Amazon! Barrettes are so in style right now and I love it! My inner little girl is so happy! I finished off my look with a great, peach color from Kylie Cosmetics.

More Pictures Below!


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