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30 Under $30!

My Favorite Crossbody Bags

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Crossbody bags are versatile, dynamic, practical, and always in style! I reach for one in almost every outfit that I wear. I especially like that some crossbody bags have the option to remove the strap and convert the bag into a clutch, if you want something a little more formal. Crossbody bags allow you to have what you need and distribute the weight across the body (No sore shoulders on long outings!). They are also a way to stay a little safer with your belongings, as they are harder to remove by thieves.

As I was going through old photos on my phone, I came by the snapshot above of one of my favorite bags from Target and thought that I should share it and some other super affordable options for crossbody bags from several of my go-to stores!

➡️Bags from Lulus, Target, H&M, Zara, Nordstrom Rack, and Forever 21. Also! At Forever 21, you can get a free heart crossbody bag with purchase of $75 or more! Use code VDAYGIFT at checkout.

Click the Pictures Below to Shop!


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