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Teeth Whitening for Sensitive Teeth

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

(My teeth whitening experience with Smile Brilliant!)

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Smile Brilliant is my secret to a whiter smile, with no sensitivity! It is easy to use, delivers a great result, and can go with you anywhere. I made sure to pack it for my trip to Indianapolis! Smile Brilliant is a whitening system, created by dental professionals, that allows you to whiten your teeth at home at a fraction of the cost it would take for a similar system from your dentist. I am a coffee lover and occasionally enjoy a glass of wine, so I have some staining issues. I have always had sensitive teeth, so I hadn't been able to find a whitening product that would work for me, that is, until Smile Brilliant!

Something truly unique about their product, is that they have different options, depending on your exact situation, whether you have heavy staining and non-sensitive teeth, or light staining and sensitive teeth like me. I received a kit in the mail to make my dental impressions. I then sent them back to the company and received my customized trays in a couple days and could begin whitening! The sensitive system includes whitening gel and desensitizing gel. I had no problems with sensitivity with this system!

My one drawback was that it does take a significant amount of time to do (at least one hour), but it is really easy to wear the trays while you get ready for the day, do chores, watch tv, etc!

My Whitening Journey

Over the years, I have tried a couple different options with varied results. Of course, I tried Crest Whitestrips, but had some splotchiness because the strips didn't distribute product evenly. I also had some sensitivity.

Last year, I spent a bit of money with my dentist to get professional whitening system with custom trays, only to never use it because of severe sensitivity.

I needed to find a whitening system that would brighten my teeth without the pain! That is where Smile Brilliant came along and changed everything.

Before (No filters/editing)

My teeth were still pretty white, but you can see some discoloration. I also have a spot on one of my front teeth that I am pretty self conscious about.

After (No filters/editing)

You can see that my teeth are visibly whiter, and the spot on my teeth has faded a little! I am so happy with these results and can't wait to continue my whitening journey!


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