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Our Engagement Story

A couple months ago, in a blog post about losing our family cabin in the East Troublesome Fire, I explained to some extent just how special this cabin (and Grand Lake) was to me because it was where I got engaged to the love of my life. I realized then that I had never told our engagement story, so, here I am!

This Friday, at 12:00 a.m., will mark 6 years since Gus and I got engaged. The time has flown by but it subsequently feels like another lifetime ago. A lot has happened in 6 years! I graduated college, we adopted our two adorable pups, Lilly and Lucy, (along with plenty of cats) and moved twice! We traveled ALL over to places as close as Kansas City or my hometown of Springfield, MO to as far away as New Zealand. We have had highs and lows and everything in between and I have loved every second of it! This year has been so hard for all of us. We have gone through so much and I am so lucky to have had such a wonderful person by my side through all of it.

Now, on to the story!

December 31, 2014

(Picture 1- At the cabin a few hours before going to see the fireworks. Picture 2- At the Kauffman House trying to stay warm before fireworks)

Gus and I, along with some close friends, were at the family cabin in Grand Lake, CO to ring in the New Year. We had done some snowshoeing, jamming (a lot of us are musicians), played lots of board games, eaten fondue, hot tubbed, etc. (The normal winter cabin activities). We also planned on going to the fireworks display in town over the lake that would happen right as the new year began.

A little back story: Gus and I had been dating seriously for three years and I (a Junior in college) was getting very ready to get married! Gus had already graduated and had a secure job and a house and I was hinting left and right that it was time. In my excitement, I was starting to be prepared any time Gus and I were together for him to propose.

On New Years Eve, Gus and I, along with our friends, bundled up to brave the sub-zero temperatures. True to my excited self, I had a slight feeling that tonight might be the night, so I made sure to curl my hair and look really nice, even though I would be covered in multiple layers and looking the equivalent to the Stay Puft marshmallow man... It was snowing and very cold, but a pretty nice night, nevertheless. To stay warm, we toured a local museum and early settlement, the Kauffman House. They stay open until midnight on NYE and usually get a lot of traffic since they have heat! There we also enjoyed some cookies and hot chocolate before going out to find our firework viewing spot!

Close to midnight, we found a spot up on a hill away from the crowds to have some privacy. Our group accidentally got split up, so it was just Gus, me, and Gus's best friend, Eric. We shivered in the cold and looked up, as we counted down to the new year and watched fireworks start to fly. It was really magical; the snow was falling in big flakes and the fireworks were almost reflecting off of them. As I was watching, I noticed Gus moving out of the corner of my eye and realized that he was kneeling down. We were both shaking, from the cold or nerves (or both), I don't know. I don't really remember what he said before "Will you marry me" but I definitely remember hearing that and giving an enthusiastic "Yes!"

(Just after getting engaged. We tried to capture the fireworks and snow behind us with no luck)

-Funny Story-

As Gus got up from proposing, we hugged and kissed and celebrated. Gus's best friend, Eric, then looked over and gave Gus a fist bump. I saw the fist bump and, assuming it was because Eric helped Gus plan the proposal and it went well, said to him, "How long did you know!?" Eric looked at me with a blank expression and said, "...know what?" -insert long pause here- "Uhm, we just got engaged!" Eric's eyes opened wide and, with a huge smile, he yelled, "Oh my God! Congratulations!" He had no idea what had just happened, he had just given Gus a fist bump because he had seen us kissing...

This past July, Gus and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary and I am so excited to see where the future takes us! We look forward to traveling ALOT more (post-Covid) and are planning on many fun projects (including adopting a bunny or two in summer 2021). Thank you for reading our story! Make sure to check out our story of how we met here.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2021!

(Picture 1- Heading home the day after getting engaged! Picture 2- November 2020 Zoom picture)


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