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Happy Holidays with Bubblr!

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Walking in a winter wonderland with Bubbl'r! Our recent snow has be in the holiday much so that I am giving you an early sneak peek of my Christmas outfit! 😉 This time of year is crazy for everyone and I wanted to share my secret to staying on top of all of my holiday activities! Bubbl'r is an all natural antioxidant sparkling water that comes in 7 yummy flavors! It has naturally sourced caffeine, about the same amount as one cup of coffee, to keep you going strong throughout a busy day. At just 5 calories per can, you can drink this great alternative to soda without any guilt. Did I mention it tastes great? Bubbl'r is available online at Staples and Amazon or you can click below to find them in a store near you! #BUBBLR #BUBBLRLovr #BubbleswithBenefits

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