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My Favorite Fall Hats

I have come so far in under a year! Before this year, I couldn't stand wearing hats at all. I loved how they looked on everyone else, but didn't really care for them on myself. However, after seeing enough inspiration, I decided to give a beret a try, and absolutely loved it! I have been able to add some sun hats and wide brim hats to my collection as well. I guess I just needed to find the right hats for me and get more experience wearing them!

Today, I am sharing my favorite hats for the fall season! Check them out below!

Also, you can use an old shutter to hang hats, like I did above! Gus and I cut large Popsicle sticks and stuck them in the slats of the shutter. They made fast and easy hangers for the hats!

Wide Brim Hats

The two styles that I use the most are fedoras or Panama wide brim hats. For the summer, use a straw or other woven material. For the fall/winter, I moved to felt, a heavier and warmer material. These hats can range in prices from hundreds of dollars to just a few. I have found some very affordable options linked below.

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Berets are my favorite! They are so pretty and feminine and look so good with dresses and curly hair.

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My go-to winter hat. The best ones have a pom pom!

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