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Before and After: Foyer/Sitting Room

The foyer and sitting room in my new home are pretty much done! I am so excited to be able to share another part of my house with you all today! I absolutely can't choose a favorite room in this house, but if I had to, this one would be a contender. I love how it turned out! For the pictures and this post, I have divided this room up into two parts: the foyer and the sitting room.



This is the first space that I saw when I walked into the house for the first time. Opposite the stairs, you can see the door that leads in from the garage/entry space that I have already shared with you all! The previous owners did not have anything in this area, so I got to start from scratch with the decor. That can be both exciting and difficult, because I didn't have any influences to draw from. At the same time, I could make this space completely my style!


(Peek me and Gus in the last pic!) When I first came into this space, I knew I wanted to put a round table underneath this beautiful light fixture. I also wanted a big body mirror for outfit selfies! You can also see the sitting area that I shared a couple days ago. To complete the space, I used a thin console table from the old house to fill in the other wall!

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Sitting Area / Entire Room


The first picture shows the full foyer/sitting room space before decor! The back part of the foyer housed a recliner couch, a console table, and a tv in its previous life and was still very sparse with decor. There are a lot of doors in this space, as you can see! From left to right, the doors lead to a utility closet, half bath, a second garage, two guest bedrooms/full bathroom, and another utility closet/crawlspace.


For the sitting area, I stuck with a similar layout to the previous owners in that I had chairs facing the wall but, instead of a tv, I put a beautiful, blue couch! I wanted this space to be the formal sitting area that guests would spend time in when they come over. The two leather recliners, the side table, and the coffee table are all from my previous home. I wanted to add a pop of blue to the space to tie in my color theme for around the house. To make the area more feminine, I added a pretty, light colored rug and throw pillows and blankets.

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